Me Being Me..

Don’t you love it when people give you advice on things they think you should do? First, I have started a cross stitch project. Cross stitch is making a picture with countless little x’s.



A cloth with squares allowing one to count where to start. Had an idea on what I wanted, but finding the right picture wasn’t easy. I found the picture, but it didn’t show the squares.


Came close with this picture:20190620_201227

It may have taken me an extra day or two to find this picture and I started it yesterday.20190620_161946

I so happy I found the right picture and couldn’t wait to get started. Everyone liked the picture, although one subjected a different picture, even though they know it’s a gift, (for someone else) and it’s what they like.


It’s going to take you a long time to finish. I’m like this isn’t for a birthday or an anniversary. There isn’t a time limit. You do a little each day and watch a picture come alive. Day 2:20190620_194656

I am smiling, because I can see my first flower. I enjoy what I do. If you don’t or haven’t worked projects like cross stitch or crochet then how can you give advice?


I was so proud that I did a video blog, true only a minute or two, but it was something new. A lot of good job and one “Let me know when you finish it?” Had to inform them when I write, I write from my heart, and not for length. This isn’t a classroom where someone has to tell you how long you can be creative or what topic.


Yet the very people who are doing all this talking agreed they don’t know how to crochet, cross stitch, or have a blog of their own.


I just laugh, because people will be people. No one has to agree, accept, or like what I do. I do these things for me and share my point of view every now and then. Maybe people should follow me ledge be happy in what they do or do not do.


The End!!!

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