Studying The Word #1



Up early and doing the same thing. Playing a game and Not being me. I closed my eyes and turned the computer off and reached for my study bible I started and it got lost. I was going to just reread and start again. Then I thought ~ Why not type, think, and focus on my past thoughts… And more forward once I get caught up… Hope u don’t mine coming with me… If anyone is reading… Sorry for sometime just writing for me…. Or am I? Its okay to look back, as long as you don’t stay there and never know if someone else feels the same…  

_____________________________________                                                   Jan 2nd, 2018

 “The Book of Esther”…..

Ch 1: 1-10 King Ahasuerus was a rich king and didn’t mind sharing his wealth to others (high racks) while giving a party for more than a week.                                                                  Jan 3rd, 2018

Ch 1:11-20 The King had requested Queen Vashti to come to the party of another princes and important people, but she refused to go. It looked bad that she didn’t do as the King asked or told. So, he divorced her and others followed his lead if the women didn’t do as their husbands said.

(Image words in Red) vs 19 – I couldn’t believe it was that easy to get a divorce and for something as crazy as not following orders. I guess I am thinking about this day in age (2018) no one would be married if that was going on today. It wasn’t a marriage, but salvery.

Ch 1:20 – 22 The King agree to allow the husbands to rule over their waves and should speak in the language of her husband’s. 

(These words are in Red) All I can do is shack my head and be grateful I wasn’t born back then. 


Time to get back to the here & now. I wrote what I got out of the chapters in black and red is how I feel…..


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