Another Day



Morning comes so early. I am grateful for another day and I know one day I will start my day after the sun brightens the sky, but until that day I await the 6am city bus.. 


When it’s dark and only you and noisy chirping bugs standing at the bus stop you have to at least pretend to be awake. Any other time you would start planning your day, but one has to be mindful of their surroundings when beyond lock doors.


I was told some years ago you could leave your door open and the mailman could leave a package on your doorstep without a problem. The kids could play without parents always being on guard, because the neighborhood always had extra eyes.


I have always wondered why this change happened, because


  1. They took the Bible out of schools.
  2. Men and women wasn’t standing up to who they were. Meaning Men holding the family together  and women not acting like they were married when they weren’t married at all.
  3. Then maybe too much drinking or your reality wasn’t looking like your dream?


Who knows why some changes wasn’t for the best, but I guess that’s called life. We all have to walk a path that’s our own and its the right one. .may your tomorrow will be better than yesterday..


               The End…  

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