Patio Time..




I set out with a plan and I pretty much followed that plan for a few days. I was wondering when I would get bored crocheting the same pattern. True I was changing colors, so that was different, but somewhat the same.


Looking out the window I couldn’t believe it was an after 1pm, because the sky was turning grey and there was thunder in the air. “Yeah,” I will only say that if I was in the house. 


Moving quickly to gather a few items to actually go out and enjoy the storm as it started to rain safe and dry on the patio. I took a picture, wrote on my Facebook page, set up my music, and was ready to start a new crochet project.


The problem came when the sun decided it wanted to return. Okay sun you wasn’t going to take my patio time away from me. I continue to work, but the sun won.  I look forward to another cool day to enjoy on the patio. 


         The End

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