A Scary Change




There comes a time when you realize you have to step out of the box, to get to a better place, and be a better person. You know what has to be done and how to go about it and I sound  like a run on sentence. I can laugh at my last attempt to get out of this box. It didn’t work. 


Do I allow my past failures to stop me from moving forward or do I get back up and try again. It’s true if you let the pain fill you and the doubt from so called caring family and friends stay in your mind you will never break through. Some never had a dream or never tried to set it free. They will never want to to by past them, then once you have past them, and you are truly becoming whom you were meant to be. I plead with you to remember who was really there for you and not those who want to take all that you have.


I now have part of a song that say something about “friends,” and I am coming up blank on where and who it came from. I am only 50 my memory shouldn’t be this bad? It’s 5:58am let me step away and hopefully it will come to me. 3 girls..


8:22am. I remembered the girl group TLC had a song talking about friends at the same time a free webinar came on and I needed more information about starting an Etsy account. A former coworker had an account on etsy and she kept on telling me she wasn’t making any money and every other thing that went wrong when she tried to improve her account before she gave up.


I smiled and wished her luck not knowing what else to say. I needed more information. I didn’t look into it then, because I was still believing in working hard for a company to get ahead. It didn’t happen. I realized if I had put that energy in myself, I may not be in trouble today, but I am never giving up.


I didn’t think just signing up for an etsy.com was going to help me start my home-based business (as my friend did). I figured I would crochet until I was ready to start my research. Then by chance, I came across a free workshop by Rena Christine from www.cupcaketraings.com, and a better idea on how to start an etsy account.


Well, after a cup of coffee I will go through that list and continue to learn before I start my new account.  I am looking forward to doing something scary and life changing. 




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