What to Do…




I know I haven’t worked on my book in maybe a month or close to it. I think about the story as it grows stronger every day. It really doesn’t matter until I put it down on paper.


When the storm came, I couldn’t make up my mind was I going to work on my blanket or my book. I enjoy crocheting and plan on selling them as well as setting my dreams free to become a writer.


I had to go with working on my blanket, because I wanted to enjoy the storm as I was sitting on the patio. I could watch the rain and crochet at the same time.


I can and will work on the next series of books at a later time. The sun is slowly maybe behind a few clouds right now, but enough light to write down a thought or two.


Then again if I don’t get a cup of coffee I am not going to be able to start my day at all. So, I will stop this short story, and enjoy my breakfast now. Just thinking about coffee has me smiling…


Closing my eyes, I just remembered another project, and I want to get it completed ASAP. I am working on a cross stitch picture of birds as a gift. I normally give gifts as a surprise, but I didn’t know her favorite colors so I had to ask, but that’s all she knows about it. It’s going to be colorful and hope she likes it..


Well, I am just adding on here, so this is The End!

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