More Unanswered Questions..



Heart Rate is a little fast as I slowly control my breathing. I admit I sometimes overlook the obvious. Then once I have time to actually think about what I said as well as what was said, I am smiling at my foolishness.

I read (NIV) 1st Samuel Ch 15:1-34 and I couldn’t understand why Saul didn’t do as God had told him to do?  Why did he only do half of what was told and believe that was okay?

I am no saint, but I do follow man made laws as well as the Good book (The Bible). I am honest and sometimes I have to hold my words back to not hurt someone’s feeling. I will say what I have to and stop pushing my point. I only wish others would feel the same.

I allowed self-doubt to enter my mind and my spirit and had me thinking about not moving forward. I am now YELLING satan GET UNDER MY FEET, BECAUSE JESUS IS GUIDING MY FEET. Fear was trying to get a hold of my spirit. So grateful for the Word. True I may have read 1st Sam last night and I just got a hold of what I read. I did say I was a little slow sometimes.

It is a little scary stepping out on a different plan, but if you don’t how can you improve your life. I also know this isn’t my true job, but it will get me closer to it. 

Why do people want to hold you down? They know you are strangling and keep wishing you well. Then once you get closer to opening that door, they are pulling you back? More questions without answers. Then again I might not like the answer if I look a little closer.

(Laughing) I am not going to worry about anyone or anything that tries to hold me down. I am about to get me a cup or two of coffee and then start working on my book. Yes, I am writing another series of books and can’t wait to get into my world. Never let anyone take your joy….




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