Coffee ~ Coffee



Coffee – coffee and more coffee

I am so HAPPY I found my

 favorite Coffee

I do not care what 

others  may say

Coffee are NOT

 all  the same

It isn’t the 

Name brand


Is it the flavor

My coffee can only be

found in one store

Across town


 when one has to work 


when one doesn’t have a car

One has to make due.

I lost count of the others

that  had to fill in

None were close to being great

Some barely made it to okay

A few had to add extra creamer

just for it to have a little taste

If the pain in my head would 

have held off

I would not have tired

A fill in coffee at all

I knew my favorite coffee

Couldn’t be replaced

Just when I thought I was 

Never going to enjoy

that wonderful taste again

I am grateful I took a chance

On that hour ride there

but an hour & a half back

standing in the sun (Bus was late) 

that wasn’t cool

but Marshall’s finally

had it in stock

In baseball 3 strikes 

you are o.u.t out

But, for me I won.

It may have taken 3 times

to get back to the store

with the thought of walking out 

of the store empty handed

wasn’t a good thought

But NOT today

A big Smile was across my face

As I held two bags 




I held that smile all the way home 

and couldn’t wait to get 

a cup or two

I can honestly 


I love coffee..





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