Dear James, A Question



 Dear James,


     I would start this letter with a friendly greeting, but you have moments when you forget your manners. It seems no matter the day or time when you wish to talk to me, I always accommodate you, and I always greet you with a proper greeting. I always ask how are you feeling, showing you concern for your well being.                                                                      I do know sometimes I am feeling so happy, I do talk real quickly, but I do get back to my manners and ask how are you doing and so on.                        The problem we are going through is you acting more of a girl then me? You call and get upset when I don’t answer. The problem is you call when I am at church or its late. You may work late and can sleep in, but you know I have to get up before the sun to be at work by 7am.                                                      I can’t believe I awoke to more then one rude text and me trying to figure out why we are friends? Another I have to answer. I am at a lost for words right now. Thinking about my mango sweet tea.. 






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