A World of Green


I finally was able to go somewhere other than work and church. Please don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for both, but it’s also fun to get out of your normal routine.


We did make a few stops along the way. I had actually hoped for postcards, nicknecks, but the first two stops I didn’t see any. Then again I was enjoying the cool air and the beauty of nature. I was happy and hope I can go again. Well, not on a group tour, because I could have stayed a little longer. Who would get tired of blue skies and so many different colors of green?                           I never heard of ~ The Field of the woods ~ in Murphy NC, but a chance for a day trip was welcomed. Riding the church bus and meeting new friends sounded like a good idea.                           I knew I would see a lot of trees and I was right. Although the park was big and now I wish I wasn’t so tired, because I only took a few pictures. I can still smile at the thought.


I was having so much fun being surrounded by trees. I didn’t even mind the bees around the picnic area as we ate lunch. We joked and laughed all throughout the day.                                   As I walked around a park with the Bible in mind. I was smiling and thinking more people should see the beauty I was enjoying.                          This trip may have been a week ago and I can still recall everything, but I would love a do over. I love being outdoors, but not so much in the wilderness. I guess I am still a city girl at heart, but I love the North Carolina view and easier way to live.


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