Two Thoughts..


As I sit on the patio enjoying a cool breeze safe from the rain and the ignoring flying bugs that always like to bite me. I am smiling, because I have been meaning to do this for weeks. Well, at least the last time it rained.


I got bored with the granny squares (crochet) and went online (YouTube) to not only look up new patterns, but to learn how to do them. I may know how to crochet and I say I am pretty good, but love to learn as much as I can to improve my craft.



When people say they want to learn, but it’s hard. I just smile and direct them to youtube. I suggest listening and looking at least five different people, because not everyone can teach. 


  1. You should be able to understand them.
  2. They should talk slowly and clearly.
  3. Showing how its done and not just giving directions.


I learned two new crochet stitches and got working on them right away. One was from my favorite site (Jada InStitches). I learned how to do a “c2c granny square.” It was cool, but a little too big and I couldn’t get this stitch to work with my regular granny stitch. So, another time.


The other stitch I learned was called, “the drunken granny stitch,” by the secret yarnery. I couldn’t wait to get started. I picked out my color and was enjoying myself until I realized I didn’t have enough to compete the yarn. I was going to put it aside until I could get more yarn, and I wished I had kept that thought. I took it out and made granny squares out of them and today I found some extra yarn


I saw another stitch I wanted to learn, but she was talking way too fast. I was able to get through half of what she was doing, but when she got to a new stitch. She lost me and I gave up. Well, I went back to my regular granny stitch.


 I am torn between making the granny squares, (because I am going to start selling them) or start making this cool blanket again? Think I will decide over a cup of tea….




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