Two Kids or One?


I was thinking about my friend who just had another child and how well her oldest child was handling being a big sister. I almost imagine the conversation she had with her daughter.

I decided I wanted to have one child and a boy at that. I lost my first child six years before I was told I was expecting my son. I had given up, but God is so good. 

The very day I got my happy news I said I was having a boy and I didn’t care what I was being told. It may have taken a few weeks to come up with a name, because I wanted a strong name for my angel. I actually had two to choose and years later I told him the other choice. He said his name was the best.

I always made sure he had things to do and between family and friends. I say he was good at not having a brother or sister.

I read “Little Miss, Big Sis,” by Amy Krouse & Peter H. Reynolds.” ~ It had pictures of a young girl knowing and understanding she was going to be a big sister. Then wait until that day finally came and how she handled each stage. In the end it showed how big sis & little brother loved each other. The End…

I also read “I Am a Big Sister!,” by Caroline Jayne Church ~ This book starts with the new arrival and the big sister happy. She happily help from bringing baby wipes, playing silly games, and knowing she will be a good big sister forever.  The End….

I watch others with two or more kids. More power to them. I kinda of like having another child without the potty training stage, but since that would never happen. It is a good thing I have only one child. Well, he is now a growing young man now, and I am blessed.





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