Instate Vacation…




Ever wanted to go on vacation, but the word “but” has stopped you. In other words but –

  • I don’t have a lot of money.
  • I don’t have any time off.
  • No one wants to go where I want to go.
  • It’s too much trouble.            

I had all these thoughts too, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from doing something fun with my son. I had always wanted to take him to Disneyland, and watch you smile. I was (and I am)  a single mother working paycheck to paycheck. I was just barely paying bills, so saving for a big trip I couldn’t see that happening.

Anyway. I realized why do I have to leave the state to have a vacation. I maybe in NC now, but I came from New York. I always talk about going back and a few people wanted to join me. Then their next response would be, “where are we going?” I’m like, “I’m not a tour guide,” because you know I have family and friends. I know someone would be put off with a few tagalongs, all up in family business, and I’m not going there.

It got me thinking.  When I got home I never really thought about all the sights in the city. I didn’t really go to them when I lived there, but love to go when I go and visit. I may go to my favorite places first and add an extra spot to visit as well.

That got me thinking. I may have changed address, but every place should have something to do. Unless you are so far in the country and you may have to go to the closest city to have your vacation. That is a totally different story.

What about having an instate vacation. I can almost see the confused faces. An instate vacation is where you act like a carefree tourist in your hometown. I started with my list:

My son’s point of view.

  1. He Loved reading and learning in general.
  2. Anime and movies that make you laugh.
  3. He was always good for trying new foods.
  4. He could play and watch  soccer all day.
  5. He likes video games as well.

My (the mother’s) point of view.  

I was about to start a list of my own, but then I realized 4 out of 5 things on my son’s list was the same as mine. I may look at soccer, (because of my son, to spend time with him) but I am not really into the game.

The only thing that  I would add on my list that wouldn’t be the same as my son’s would be taking pictures and walking.

I have told a friend or two about making a short list of what everyone likes and see how many matches and go from there.

Who wants to drive when they are on vacation? Why not take a look at downtown. I walked downtown and had a pretty good idea about where to go, but it’s best to go online to check if there were any deals as well as the amenities of each hotel. 

Some hotels have shuttle busses if you needed a ride in the surrounding area. One could walk or if going to a new place and not waiting to get lost.

You have to make a list of what you are going to need for your stay in the hotel, your everyday needs, and what you are going to do. Example:

  1.  disinfectant  whipes for : the door knob, remote control, and every thing you can touch. (Yes you are basically cleaning the room before settling in)
  2. disinfectant spray to: for the rug, inside the refrigarator, and the furniture.
  3. Clean coffe pot and dishes before using anything.

Then once everything is cleaned unpack and get started on family fun. I made sure we ate a big breakfast, bought a lot of snack, and a cooler (when the hotel didn’t offer a kitchenette, but had a pool) I had prepared one meal we could eat in the hotel as a pinic lunch after doing one or two things on our list.

It was a time to relax and head back out the door. The best thing about being downtown thete is usually something always going on. I remember going to a science museum and then to a 3D movie theather where you can eat your dinner as you watch the movie. Yes, you have to buy the theater food, a little expensive, but still good.

The next day we each went to a new museum we always walked passed. We would talk about anything, silly things, and I just remembered smiling all the time. One as we rode the light rail (NC idea of a train) he saw a new building and wanted to go and check it out. It turned out to be an old time diner something out of the 60’s.

We had our dinner there and back to the hotel for a movie. The next day we ate our free breakfast and watched one more movie before ending our instate vacation.

A long weekend that only cost me one vacation day and no missing school days for my son. For some reason there always seemed to teacher’s work day. So, it was easy for me to choose our instate vacation days.

If anyone says they don’t have time or money for a vacation I just proved them wrong. I may have saved a few weeks, held off on eating out on Friday, or renting a movie to make it happen. I guess if you want something bad enough you will find away. In the end I made a memory with my son and years from now. He will look back and I am hoping he will remember our instate vacation with a smile..


             The  End!



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