Morning James



Morning James,


               The sun is out and the air feels good. Oh why oh why did I listened to the weather man, who said it was going to be cold and wet. I had originally planned on wearing a light sweater and no jacket. I added a tee shirt along with a jacket. Guess who is hot and carrying their jacket.

             I am about to tell you something that’s going to blow your mind? I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked up four flights of stairs. I looked at the elevator and turned away. I walked down those same stairs to go to a homeful job and walked up those stairs to be a better me.


            The only way to improve myself both inside and out. I have to change a little at a time. Example:

  • Going two blocks to a bus stop (when not in a hurry).
  • Walking up and down stairs.
  • Getting a salad when u want fries.
  • Drinking water instead of soda

            I know I sound like a broken record, but I do listen to your complete on getting old. Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we can’t get better. Those who still act like they are in their twenties (even though the date on your driver’s license says you are fifty) may end up hurting themselves, because our bodies change with every passing year.

             I got out early to hunt for my job, while I still have a bus pass, and everywhere I’ve gone they say you have to go online. So homeward bound.

             I saw my bus and was going to call it a day. Then I realized I am not going to find a job that way. I may not want to go back to my old job, but one does what one has to do to keep a roof over their families heads.


             I am about to read my book as I take another bus ride. May you have a safe and blessed day.



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