Last Good-Bye



Dear James,


I have told part of our story to family and other friends and all have agreed with me. No worries I didn’t talk about personal information, because that would be wrong. My words were explaining how long we have been friends and a part of our relationship.


We were young when we started as pen pals. It was fun just to talk about what we were going through or places we wanted to go. Since we were friends, we talked about our love life, offer advice, and an ears just to listen. From good times and bad times.


One may think, because if you have a friend for over twenty years and it will never end. The problem with that thinking is? It’s wrong. If each person is on the same level okay, but life gets in the way. 


I knew of Jesus, but I didn’t know Him at all. I came to a low point in my life and couldn’t understand how come I couldn’t die. I tried, but I failed. My eyes were slowly opening when a friend (who had no idea if my death wish) had taken me to her church. I heard the Word a little more clearly and wanted to learn more.


I was reborn into a new person with a new outlook on life. I am not an angel, but I am way better than the person I used to be. What I am saying isn’t new, because we had this conversation before. Then again you only hear what you want to hear.


I went against my first thought about letting you go and moving on without you in my life. Then I began to think, we have been friends for so long, why not give you another chance.


I no longer go places you go and have a different outlook on the world. I may not want to see the world, but there are a lot of beautiful places and a world of history I want to learn about.  I don’t want to work paycheck to paycheck and not be able to pay my bills. I am worthy of so much more.


I wonder why you don’t feel the same for yourself. I listen to you complain about your job, people around you, and how you don’t want to change. If you don’t change you can’t grow. 


A week or so after countless unanswered replies to text messages and phone calls. I answered the phone call, and once again you blew me off. I got no apologies or a second thought to your careless words. I find it funny that you are trying to talk to me on Facebook, not.


I am going to keep my first thought and move on. I wish you well and hope you move on VERY soon, because your calls and text messages are starting to bug me. I have told you I have moved on, shown you I have moved on by not talking to you in any form, so hopefully this is our last “Good-Bye”.





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