A Time for Coffee



I have always wondered how people could drink hot coffee no matter the time or weather?  Please don’t get me wrong. I love, no I LOVE Coffee, but I can only drink hot coffee if there is a little air. Like now it maybe 17° and cloudy outside, but its 80° inside my place. 


If I had thought ahead and made ice coffee as soon as I woke up. I would have been ready when I was ready for my morning coffee. A cool thought, but it was just that “a thought.” I realized I was going to enjoy my coffee and I had to cool my room down.


The fan wasn’t giving out any air at all. I noticed the tree outside of my window. The Lisa open the window. Had it opened enough for me to really enjoy my hot coffee. I enjoy the cool air 

especially when I am Not outside in it.


The window has been closed some, but not all the way. I feel so relaxed I am going to close my eyes and enjoy my day off. I know I had planned on going out, but as I watch the ladies on The Real. I realized I need to work on my Christmas projects. I also need to work on my book and get back to the job hunt.


The air is cold and clean and my creative thinking is yelling to be free. I hope everyone one find sometime to be creative and enjoy a little cool air.. 




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