A Short Story. – A Long Way



I got up with a plan, but following through on that plan. I am _____ now that I think about it. I am still following it. A little late, but it could happen.

  1. Walk for at least 30mins and more water.
  2. Study the Bible.
  3. Work on my blog and craft.
  4. Getting room in order.
  5. Enjoy my coffee.

I did walk for 20mins and can add onto that at a later time. I am still smiling, because of what I just learned from the Word. As written in my study book.

–1st Sam 16:14-25 The Lord had left Saul an evil spirit came and Saul could not rest.  He was told David the son of Jesse could play the harp and that would help. Saul agreed and was happy and asked Jesse if David could stay. David would play and the evil spirit would leave. (My words & point of view Not actually from the Bible, but its highlights).

Q: vs 14 – it said an evil spirit from God (The Lord) had come to torment Saul, but that doesn’t sit with me. Because, God is good.

{On the right side of my “Quest Study Bible” in blue ink it read: How can an evil spirit be from the Lord? 16:14 The term evil spirit could also mean a troubling or injurious spirit suggesting a sense of depression without the sense of God’s presence.

Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:
Judges 9:23 KJV

A.  Okay, I believe I now understand why David was spoken over his brothers and there is always a reason why God does what He does. He knew Saul needed to calm down when he wasn’t there.

Its 11:56am The Real is going off, I just finished typing my Bible notes. (I cut myself off from my thinking, because a 20min walk wasn’t enough. I tried the walk again at 45mins which was much better, along with a bottle of water, and another load of clothes washed). It’s now 1:10pm and I am getting back to my writing part.


I did enjoy my coffee. A little sad, because I am running low and about out of my favorite coffee. I only saw it in one store across town. After service in the cold, I went to that store, and they did not have it. I am trying not to be sad, but I know my last cup is on the way. 

It is time to get back to my job hunt. I will be working or in school in January 2020. I also decided to redo my 3rd book before setting my dream free and work on my crochet blanket and call it a day…



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