A New Coffee


Okay, I had to go back to my old store. A place where I worked and enjoyed what I did and thought management thought the same, because I was told I could come back? That never happened. Anyway it is the only place I ever saw my favorite coffee, guess what no coffee in stock, and I had to leave the store sad.

I was trying really hard to think of another brand of coffee that I liked and nothing came to mind. If you go to the grocery store you will find so many flavors and a lot of different companies making these coffees.

I was going through my bags. Yes, I have bags for all occasions. If you are going grocery shopping of course you will need at least four or five big reusable shopping bags (doubled of course), some big enough for a book, or yarn and a book, and a tiny one (if you aren’t going anywhere and only need your phone and some mint).

Well, anyway I found a folgers to go coffee package, and I remembered it was my first coffee I ever bought.  I do drank it when I am on the go and thought why not try one of their flavors? I agreed to the breakfast blind. It was a mild and pleasant taste and I liked it. I was surprised and happy at the same time.

The sun is out I should be working on my cross stitch, but I need to get into the Word first. So, I am going to close here, and wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays, because it is December 24th, 2019.

       The End!

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