A New Flour


The makings of a scratch cake. Well, a cake or two and some cupcakes on the side. It is always best to have a plan and follow through with that plan. Once you figure out what you want to make, the next step is how do you make it, and what will you need?

I decided to use unbleached flour for the first time.  I have made a cake from scratch before, but only with self rising flour. Well, I saw a commercial about unbleached flour, and thought would be a cool idea.

I knew I could get a full bundt cake and some cupcakes out of one cake batter. I had to decide whether I was going to make my cake the same way I normally did or take an extra few minutes and learn about unbleached flour.


The truth be told I didn’t know flour was bleached. I am shaking my head, because something’s just aren’t meant to be eaten. I am sure there are a lot more poisons in our food then we know?

Anyways. I wasn’t willing to fully change my recipe, but I knew I had to add a few extra items to make up the difference with using this new flour. I just hoped my math was correct?


The based of my cake was and is a sour cream pound cake. Once the cake batter was mixed I took half of the mixture out of one bowl and poured it into another bowl. I added diced apples and cinnamon to one and crushed pineapples in the other.

Cupcakes took forty five minutes and another twenty-five for the cake.  I was a little off somewhere, because neither cakes had risen. Oh well, a little more baking soda, and I’m sure the next time they will be pictured perfect. It didn’t really matter, because they did taste good.


Oh, I did have some extra batter, so a little apples, and pineapples all together for an extra cake.





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