My Nich


A  smile is always welcome 

and when it comes from you 

all the better. 

I recall reading about

 a married women thoughts 

on always being on call for her family

 and that left her with hardly  any time for herself. It doesn’t matter if you are a married or a single parent or taking care of an elder. 

We (I am a woman as well) have always put others first and if there’s time, 

then we try to enjoy ourselves. 

Then again if we are not working at home

 or at the workplace, 

we are still thinking of what we have to do 

and therefore once again 

putting ourselves back on the shelf.

This lady (I wish I could remember her name 

and not just her point) asked herself 

what would happen 

if she got up an hour earlier 

than her regular time?

 She started off slow 

and wanted to stay in her warm bed, 

but she made herself get up. 

The first thing she did was

 fix was a pot of coffee. 

She started thinking

 of things she has wanted to do, 

but had no time to do it.

 She was walking slowly around 

the kitchen as she thought 

she saw a book, it was a child’s book, 

but it made her remember the book she couldn’t get past a page without hearing “mommy can I-”  She picked up her pace 

and brought her book into the kitchen. 

Once her coffee was in one hand 

and her book in the other 

she smiled as she walked 

over to the table to enjoy both 

a good book 

and knowing she didn’t have to 

rush to drank her coffee. 

There was a part where 

she felt better 

once she got her bedroom in order 

(after her husband got up)

 and even was able to go for 

a short run with him 

before he had to go to work.

Anyway. I didn’t feel like getting up today. 

The cool air was coming from the window

 and I was still half asleep,

 but when your bladder

 says you have to get up – you get up. 

I got a cup of water to take my meds and as much as I wanted to lay down.

 I thought about that lady and made my bed. 

The sound of  gospel music played 

low I began to walk.

 My planned was to walk 45mins,

 but 15mins into in, 

my body said no way.

 I noticed my blanket next to my bed

 and started thinking about a website 

and new blog with a niche to it 

and I didn’t realize I walked 35mins 

and that was good enough.

 I had planned on starting

 to write about my craft,

 but another thought wanted to be free.

When I tell people about my blog 

and wonder why my niche isn’t about thunder?

 I tell them I am not a one subject person 

and like “thunder” I come in many forms. Sometimes you will hear a warning its coming and other times it’s so loud you can’t help,

 but notice it. I am laughing, 

because I guess I am writing about my niche 

in a different way.

 I am just being ME

 and I Love being Me.





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