An Unnecessary Mess



When you are looking for something important you have a tendency of pulling everything out of every box, bag, and if you are lucky you find it before you open the closet door. You can no longer see your floor,but that doesn’t stop you from clearing out your closet thinking maybe you packed it. One would think you would start from the bottom, not I started from the top shelve. I started from one side to another until I reach then end of the top shelve.

Taking a deep breath and with a frustrated sound before you turned and looking at your mess. You think, “I haven’t found it, I am going to just forget about it, and move on.” You leave the room just to get some fresh air and think about putting your room back in order. 

Music being played you try to focus on just one area at a time, but you can’t stop thinking about your forgotten checkbook, because you have to pay a bill. Okay, I’ll just get a money order, and then you go back to the closest. I am not going to spend a dollar on a money order, because I already spent more than that on those money orders.

An hour has passed and every suitcase and every bag that was on the bottom of your closest was now in your room. You want to cry, because what was lost was still lost. You are too upset to cry over the mess and so over it.

Had to actually go outside and let the cool air somewhat calm me down and stop thinking about the mess.  I had my craft bag, pulling my playlist off of my youtube page as I prepared for a true break. I like to crochet and it’s even better when it’s a fun project and not a rush project. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid or as a gift, it’s a time limit. I don’t know anyone who liked taking a timed test? If its a gift okay, it could be late, but I will try to get it to them at the time of their special event.

Oh well, back to my room, and started getting it back in order. UGH! Forty Five minutes later in a small box you barely looked at as you started your little trash party, you find your lost checkbook, and you are feeling so far out there. The question that comes to mind, “how come I didn’t see this before this mess?”  Another what if moment……




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