My Way


So many thoughts are going through my mind. There isn’t enough time to write down each thought, each story, or even a poem. It is even harder to stay focused when your tummy is yelling at you, because it’s been over ten hours since you last ate. If that wasn’t bad enough, I can feel a slight pain in my head because I NEED coffee. 

UGH, I just remembered I only have enough eggs for one day. So now I am thinking what am I going to eat, because I cannot go to the store today. Times like this I wish I had a car.

Time to stop at 9:19am ~~~ It is now 12:23pm

Okay I got a little side tracked after I finished my coffee. Well, who wouldn’t when the ladies from “The Real” is on your television screen? The show speaks for itself, because Mrs. Adrienne Houghton had said something and the newest lady in the group Ms. Amanda Seales had a look on her face that was totally real and there was no tig on her part. I am laughing as did Ms. Jeannie Mai did. They were talking about men cheating and “No” I am going going beyond that. I do not know if today show Wednesday  January 8, 2020 is online. (pausing to look) too much work and I have less than an hour to finish this and at least start on another written thought for my website. 

Although my website hasn’t been built yet, but what does that matter. I didn’t want to only have pictures and an idea of what was coming. I will have a few stories already written. I plan on selling my crochet projects and talking about  my craft and just being myself.

I had looked to other websites where you could sell your items or even have an online retail shop and sell other items alongside your items. I know this is a side job and the idea is to make money, but I will NOT turn myself into a money object. I just want to be free to be me and if I can (And I WILL) have a little extra on the side that will be a bonus.

I also know I am still unemployed and was holding out for my true job. I place where I could be myself, but after more than three months I am going to have to change that thought, because bills have to be paid. I do have a family as well as myself to support. That is one of the main reasons why I am going to do my website my way.

It is now  1 o’clock so  I had better wrap this up, because I not only wanted to work on my next written project. I am still working on a cross stitch Christmas gift. I may not be able to finish it today, but every stitch counts. I am pushing for it to be done by the end of this week. That is my goal. I can work on my baby blanket on the ride to service and since I will be early I’ll still be able to work on it as I clear my mind of things I need to do and things I want to do. For my going to service is the best place for me to do that and I am done talking (typing) for now..
             Bye IV Now, LD*

P.S ~ I just decided to not use “The End” any more, when I am just writing a thought, but will use it if my words are a story or a poem. Then again, I may just keep it on everything only time will tell…….


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