Time to Change


I just got on the wrong bus. I wished I remembered less than a minute ago before I paid my fair. I was trying to get out of paying $2.20 again. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are not working and there’s no money coming in two dollars and twenty cents is a lot.

I didn’t do my 30min walk this morning, because I was going to walk  to another bus stop that was almost a mile away. I could have used that transfer on that bus coming back from the library back home without paying a second time.

Then again if I could have figure out how to correct my resume (a friend was so kind to redo) I wouldn’t have to go out anyway. Then again, I still needed to go to the store, because one can’t make garlic and ginger chicken without ginger. (I am rereading my words and I just realized I didn’t put the ginger in my marinating sauce. I added it to my veggie melody. It worked better, because I jazzed up that nasty brown rice. It was good).


Once again I had to change my plans. MY coffee creamer was on sale and there was no way I was walking out of the grocery store without buying it. Then as I was walking towards the produce section I noticed laundry soap at the corner of my eye and that was one of three items I had went into the store to get.

Three bags later, ( to more than I thought I was going to need) although I was able to combine them into two bags, but that didn’t take away the bags wieght. Oh well the post office could wait, but a new resume couldn’t.

 I am so grateful I got a good Liberian, because she helped me turning a creative resume to a business resume. A friend was nice to help improve, and I did keep most of her work, but it now reads as if it is talking about me.

I wanted to eat as soon as I got through the door. No, I told myself, and did what had to be done. 

  1. Grocery put away
  2. Chicken out of the refrigerator (thankful if was fully thawed out) seasoned and getting better until I am ready to cook it.
  3. Dishes washed. (I like to clean as cook, because doing one or two at a time is better than doing more)
  4. An oven baked cheese sandwich is about ready to be enjoyed, so –


                    Bye IV Now, LD

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