A Thought..

Something Sweet!!!



  • Truthful and Meaningful words.
  • No looking back and Willing to change.
  • Strength and Knowing your worth.
  • Letting go and Moving forward.
  • Understanding who you are TODAY and Not who you WERE Y.E.S.T.E.R.D.A.Y.


  1. I wrote everything down from the good to the bad. I made a list of who I was, how I felt towards people, and what I wanted out of life. My list was long and unfocus. It took a few hours, days, years, but I did go back. I really read what I had written and my second list  was how to make my words become reality.
  2. I gave up on life years ago and played followed the leader. I was a person without a heart. I allowed hurtful people to control my life. It didn’t matter who they were family who you thought would care, to people who call themselves your friend, or someone who didn’t even know your name. I talked and acted like the world, because I didn’t know who I was. Walking through life with your eyes and heart closed is not really living. I knew I had to change or I was going to die.
  3. I was strong and I was ready to prove it to myself and  everyone.
  4. Once my eyes were open and my mind was cleared I was a new person. I lost a few friends because they didn’t like who I was and I wasn’t going back to that person I was yesterday.
  5. I have been reborn in Christ. I have a new outlook on my life and how I choose to live my life. I have some friends who are new and some I have known for awhile. They all know I will not go to the same places they go to, I don’t agree with their lifestyle, and I don’t talk like the world. I am not looking down on them, because I am not above nor am I beneath anyone. I will encourage you, give you strength when needed, and Love on you wholeheartedly. I expect no less from family or friends. I CANNOT and WILL NOT allow anyone in my life who doesn’t understand this, because WORDS are hurtful. I am so much more and I am NOT lonely where I would allow anyone to treat me less than how I treat them I am LOVED and I LOVE myself just as strong as Jesus LOVES ME!!!



We are all different and have a different way of looking at the world. I decided I wanted more. I saw love,  I saw the world, and I knew that if I wanted to experience any of those feelings and see the world. I would have to change. My change came when  the name Jesus, became more than just a name.


It’s up to you how you walk your path. I cannot do it for you. Some have asked why and how I changed. Simple, I started reading the Bible. I even sent a bible app that I read to a friend or two. I learn something new every time I hope my book or go to the app.  You can either go to the back of your book or type in your feeling and there is something that will help you. One can either accept me as I am today or they can say “goodbye” and move forward. My feelings will not be hurt and I hope they will feel the same. Life is too short to be worried if someone likes or dislikes you. You owe your life to No mortal man or women. Be honest and live your life the Best you can, because you are the only one who can make that happen.


The End!



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