Coffee on my Mind


I had thought I was going to start writing about the book I was reading, but as I picked up my son’s laptop computer two thoughts came to me? One is it’s too early to being working and I realized I am not on a time table anymore, because I can write whenever I want. The one good thing about being unemployed. Although, I no longer consider myself unemployed, but self employed. Then again I am not getting paid yet, so I guess I am still unemployed? I guess it depends on how yo look at it. I am working on getting the bills paid as I enjoy my life as it should be. The world will not win this time.

I had to go into my email account to get to google documents and was about to overlook the 9000+ messages, but I decided to do the right thing. I had always thought I could be missing out on something important, but didn’t look through the chaos of words.

It took almost two hours to get things cleaned out and I was right. I saw a few messages that could have been my real job a few months ago. Should  or shouldn’t I go to my yahoo account. I am not looking too clean that one out either, but at least I don’t have to read anything in it. As much as I want to do that, right. I am going to enjoy my coffee before I get too hungry. I do not drink my coffee with my breakfast or any kind of food. My mother doesn’t understand, but I want to taste my coffee and mix it with anything else. I like both my food and coffee hot and one is going to get neglected and either one doesn’t taste good cold.

If I am drinking iced coffee, then I can, and have eaten food with it. There is nothing like a warm muffin with your favorite iced coffee to go with it. My mind is on coffee. I have no idea what I was talking or typing about and I have no need to go back and reread what I have already typed. So, I am going to end this right now. I am smiling, but I am “Happy.”


                   Bye IV Now, LD*

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