A Mixer of Thoughts



                        4/1/202 ~ 10:18am

Today was the first day I kept my word to myself. I went outside and started my walk. I had a plan on where I was going, but I didn’t really know how long that would take. I may have lived in my area for almost a year, I still haven’t been totally around my new neighborhood, and I am going to change that a little at a time.

During this time of being away from others and not able to go to work. I am not moving much. When I was working and on my feet for more than six hours, I wanted a job sitting down, and now that I am sitting down a lot. I feel the need to move.

Five minutes into my walk I realized I didn’t have any workout clothes, so even if I did want to go to a gym, I had to go shopping first, and that will have to be put on hold until I get back to work.

 My goal was at least forty five minutes. I was only short by fifteen minutes. I am hoping it doesn’t rain, because I plan on going back out. I am going to push myself for that forty five minutes. I cannot be a better me just sitting around working on my crochet.

Time for a cup of coffee, because 12 o’clock will be here soon enough.


                             April 2nd, 2020 ~8:30am

I can’t believe I forgot to come back and finish my thoughts. Then again yesterday I was going from one project to another and trying to do it all. That doesn’t always work out. The rain stopped my second walk, but I did dance for thirty minutes. That was something and I enjoyed crocheting out on the patio until I picked up my blanket today.

I held up my blanket and it’s getting bigger as expected. I didn’t see my mistake at first, so I kept on working on it, but had to stop and really look at it. I looked at my pattern and at first glance I didn’t see it. It happens sometime when you are working with so many colors. I guess that is one of the reasons I usually only work with two or three. My rainbow blankets have nine colors and yesterday I got six rows wrong without noticing it. I took it out and I am redoing it now.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have even thought to take it out, but today is a new day.

I know if I ever work with this many color changes I will be getting paid starting at  a hundred dollars. Although a few people have told me I charge too much for my blankets. I look at them like they are crazy. I will not just be charging for the cost of the yarn, but for my time it took to go get the material, but for my time as well.

It takes anywhere from six weeks to three months to make a blanket. Then again it also depends on the size and amount of yarn that will be used for each project. It also depends on the style and my time. 

I am laughing, because one person (who does not crochet) said it should take more than two days to do a blanket. If you don’t know how to crochet, then how are you going to know how long it takes to make? I even was told how their grandmother or aunt had once done a full blanket in just a few days. I’m like that’s good for them. Now  my question is, “were they working outside of the house as well as going to the store to get supplies for the house? Was they working around the house from cleaning to cooking? Was they taking time to go to service or just spend some time with family and friends?” 

So one should never put me in someone else’s shoes, because we all have a life to live and our steps are not the same. You may think you know me, but no one really does. I do not know and I do not care to know your every step and that thought should be agreed on.

I have been in the house so long that I honestly didn’t know what day it was. I was enjoying working on my crochet as I watched TV or going out on the patio just to say I got some fresh air. I am grateful to see my project grow but since I made it a little too big and without a job I have no extra money to get more yarn. So, I am thinking about putting it aside, to prolong it as much as I can, but I am loving this project.

I do have other projects I could work on. I even started looking into working online. I love Pinterest and there are a lot of websites saying how much you can make and it starts off being free, but somewhere before the end it’s has a cost. It sounded like one that you didn’t have to pay, but you have to get others to buy something from you. I don’t like to be con and I am not going to do it to others.

What’s that saying, “Do to others as you wish done to you?” I know not everyone is honest or cares about others. It’s a little sad, but life goes on. I am going to be me and pray for others and just enjoy my life as best as I can.

Although I want to get my needle in my hand, as well as read more ideas on how to work online, I can feel a slight pain starting on the right side of my head. Not a problem a good cup of coffee will take that pain away. 

I actually want to talk (type) what I have learned and it also explained a lot of unanswered questions I had about blog writing. I am also second guessing about my writing, but then —

I am going to cut myself off and get my coffee. 

Bye IV Now LD*

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