Staying Home…

Nothing like a hot shower to get one to stop thinking so much and calming down to start putting stuff in order. We are living in unknown times where your government is telling you to stay home or just your surrounding area (as long as it’s not a large group of people). If you are working at an essential job, (which I am not, so only working a week. I am told the store will be closed for 30 days and they will let me know when I can come back) and have to carry a note from your job saying you are a needed employee, otherwise you may go to jail. 

You can go to the grocery store or to the pharmacist to get your medication, but no other reason for you to be walking out in your hometown. I know this is better than being on house arrest, because we do get to go outside. It may be time limited as well as an area, but what can you do? Nothing, but follow directions.

Day 1: I did my hair. I just wish I could braid my hair in a nice design and as tight as I could do someone else’s hair. It doesn’t really matter, because where am I going? Nowhere in the physical world anyway. Good thing for the internet as well as a book or two.


Day 2: I finally took time to do my nails the whole nine yards meaning:

  1. Hands soaked for 5 minutes in a fruity smelling soapy water.
  2. Vitamin E applied to freshly cleaned and shaped nails.
  3. Next came Sally Hansen clear hard as nails.
  4. I didn’t realize I had so many different colors, because it took almost ten minutes to come up with a good combination of colors that I liked.
  5. Two different main colors for my fingers  as well 2 different colors for the second coat.

I really wanted to call it a day after all of that and I was happy with my hands. Then I thought I still had my nail kit out. I might as well go to that next level and do my feet. The good side to soaking your feet is you can read and enjoy the hot soapy water.

I don’t know if I was told or it was read if your feet are, “happy” everything else in your body is “happy”? How true that is, I’m not sure, but I do know once I saw the purple nail polish on each toe it made me smile. 


Day 3: I recall seeing a lady wash her body with coffee grounds and thought that was something. I saw a big mess, but then it got me thinking. I have been meaning to give my face a good scrub, so why not try this:

  • Cleaned face with dove soap.
  • Leaving my face wet as I place cold coffee grounds on my face (not getting too close to my eyes.
  • I also had cold tea bags for my eyes as well as a cold face mask.

I might have gone a little too far with the tea bags, because I wanted to lay down with my face art for twenty minutes. I only lasted ten minutes. I didn’t like the feel of the tea bags. They were dry after I used them to make iced tea with, but I raised them off with cold water. I’ll try it again, without raising it.

 I learned 2 more things about this coffer face mask. 1. It does leave your face smooth and smelling good. 2. Have lots of clean towels close by, because it is messy.


I did work on my cross stitch project. I am so over this project, not because it takes time, but it wasn’t my first choice. I messed the first one up and couldn’t find the blue back ground like I liked the first time around. I really hate changing the look of a project I saw in my head. I realized that is why it’s taking way too long and I can’t work when I am upset.

A good friend is going to have an angel and I couldn’t wait for her to tell me if she’s going to have a boy or a girl. I then realized I didn’t want to give her the ordinary baby colors. I also wanted this blanket to grow with the child, so why not make a rainbow blanket. I am really thinking outside of the box. It took me two days to find the right pattern and another day to find someone I could understand their directions.

On the third day I found a person who explained as she showed you how to do each stitch. The problem was I am an American and she was explaining it in two different names for each stitch. Example: What  I call a single stitch she called it a double stitch and so on. 

I just couldn’t follow her and she had the first pattern I liked in those two days of searching. I was frowning once again as I started over once again. I found two, and even though I picked one. I couldn’t get it out of my head that it wasn’t totally right. I went through YouTube one more time and I saw the same stitch in a different way and I liked part of that one best. 

I am making the body of my blanket in the second view, but the outline of it will be done in the first pattern I saw. I am so happy with my choice and even though I have NEVER worked with so many different colors before, it feels good.

I am calling this a rainbow blanket, but it’s from my point of view. It doesn’t really look like a rainbow. It’s cool, because sometimes being creative takes one outside of the box.


I wonder what the next twenty six days will look like? Oh, this is Day 4, with my writing, and it’s about time. I do have more I want to type out, but the sun is calling me. I will be on my patio working on my rainbow and doing what I do best? Crocheting of course…..


Bye IV Now, LD*

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