Part 2: Learning New Things.



I had planned on writing what I learned a few days ago about what and how a “blog” is supposed to be written and an answer from my “How do you make money on pinterest?” You need a website (and I do not want to talk about a website right now), a pinterest account, and a blog.

I am like I already have a blog, so I can check that step off of my list. I have always wondered why most blog’s I have read are more like mini books and not short stories. I enjoy coming up with a short story or just thinking out loud in a creative way. By writing  (typing) something real or just writing from the heart. There is a lot more than just that.

(2:49pm) I have to go back to my notes, because this was a part of another story. I should have continued to add on to it, but I like writing short stories. Anyway I may have an idea of what I wanted to say, I need to remind myself of a past thought, and stop thinking about a great book I just read.

(2:57pm) One way to make money is to have ads on your blog (account) and it has to have been up and running for at least three months. The one statement that had me wondering what and how did you get a large monthly session for a blog mean? A session is the amount of people coming to your page.

I read that one has to have 30,000 or more words and that sounds like a book to me. I agree that you should write about something you enjoy doing, it’s called a “niche,” but what if you like more than one thing? Do you start another (page) blog for each thing you like or do you just add onto one?  

I don’t like the idea of counting each word and not paying attention to what I am thinking. I know before I go over my work I could see where I am at and add onto my thoughts, but that will take all the fun out of my writing. Am I writing to make money? Am I writing, because I enjoy the world of words? These are questions every writer has to ask themselves and everyone writes for their own reason.

 Oh, I also read in more than one article on “how to make money with a blog” you would have to set it up on their site and it got me thinking that’s how they make their money? I might be wrong, but I could be right? If trying to get others to set up a blog through your site is how you make money on a blog, then it will not work for me.

It is a good thing I don’t just take the first thing I read to heart. I had thought about starting my own online magazine, but I knew I needed a website. A magazine one could talk about many different creative things and a website seems to just want you to buy stuff.  Wow, I just had a question, “can you have a magazine in place of a website to make money on pinterest”? (3:42pm) Let me go online and get an answer? (3:54pm) I got sidetracked, but I did get an answer. You have to have a website.

I have a few items that can be sold, but I am just one person and don’t have a lot of crochet items. I was thinking of bringing in a few extra people who I know have their own site. Then I realized  that wasn’t going to work either, because I am not to give free advertisement to someone else.

I had thought I would start a bluehost page, thinking that was how to start a website, but I was wrong. I also realized I didn’t have to have a lot of items in stock, because I will not be selling my items as if I do. 

I just realized I got sidetracked and it’s cool, because I found a way to have a website and sell my craft my way. Well, my brother has a better idea on how to set it (the website) up the way I want, and set up a Pinterest business account as soon as my website is up.

I am just about done with this thought and was wondering what was my word count? Wow I may have two pages, but I have less than 800 words and I am okay with that….


Bye IV Now, LD*

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