A 3 Day Thought


The day didn’t start off as I liked, because I was enjoying a pleasant dream. I awoke with a storm raging outside, but there was no fear in me. I prayed my tree would live through it to get to a calm and clear sky soon.                
I thought I would lie back down and try to reenter my dream, but my mind was already thinking.  Okay up at 6am and already planning my steps throughout the day.

I got my thirty minute walk in. It may have been within my apartment, but I was moving and I am counting it. The rain was lighting up by the end of my walk, so why not take my crochet out on the patio, and enjoy it.

I had always wanted a large porch, so I could sit outside in a comfortable state, and enjoy the rain as it plays out in my view. It didn’t start off cold, but then again I came outside after my walk. I believe I stayed there for a little over an hour before I couldn’t get past my arms being cold.  

I keep looking at my cross stitch project and knowing I am almost done, I should pick it up, but what I know I have to do and what I want to do ~ my want outweighs my have to.


I also realized I need to start writing my stories for my website, because right now I only have 10. I am planning on uploading twice a week with at least two new stories within my pages and —

That “and” has now got me thinking, because I want to add on a few helpful sites to my page. I can only do that by checking out different sites as well as other bloggers who are talking about crochet.

And, I just remembered a few I have already read, so it’s a start. I knew it was too good to be true, for I had just finished another story “To Be Me or Them,” which I already posted today. I don’t know why I thought I was going to post a second story in one day. (it didn’t happened then ~ maybe 1 day)

~ I may not get to that 3000 word count as a so-called normal blog is supposed to be. Then again who knows what tomorrow or the next day may bring, because this isn’t my ending. I am taking another step to being me. This sidetrack is a good thing, because I am keeping on track what I had planned to do today.

  • I wanted to workout – I did
  • I wanted to crochet  – I did
  • I wanted to work on setting my book free – I did
  • I wanted to take care of some personal business, and I tried. Their website went down, but I will try again
  • I wanted to post a story on my blog and look through a few other post –  I did
  • I wanted to work on my website, about to do just that, and I will come back —–

                              4/13/2020 ~ 4:00pm

Although I turned the computer on to type down what was on my mind, I realized after I  reread what I started from yesterday, and I didn’t do what I set out to do. Sometimes it’s kind of best not to stop and eat.


I am torn in so many directions I really don’t know what I am going to do. I have enough sunlight for a little over two hours, so I can at least add in a few new stitches to my cross stitch project. Considering it is a Christmas gift way past it giving time.  

Then when I went back to my wordpress account looking for the stories I read about crocheting and to my sadness I forgot to save it. It was from someone else, but it’s not a total lost.  I put in my word and a few others popped up and all I want to do is get to reading.

And, yes people have told me I shouldn’t have anyone else on my website, because that will be free advertisement for them. I am making a face, because I am not going to be like anyone else. I don’t think like others do and I’m cool with that.

I am thinking it’s more like a book review only it will be about others doing what I enjoy doing. Crocheting is a time consuming craft. I LOVE LEARNING new ideas and how to make them a reality. And, if I can help someone else all the better!!

I also believe when you are not looking out to make money from someone and truly just want to share what you know. What’s more important and who knows where your heart will lead you? You help, someone helps another, and so on from there.

Well, I better stop here, because I am wasting daylight. I can add on no matter the light, but I can only work on my cross stitch in the sunlight.  One day I will get myself a special light up table for my craft. 

                              4/15/2020 ~ 11:15am

I had to make myself stop reading about the world of crochet or talking about crochet needles, because I remembered I hadn’t posted this story.

I can’t wait to get my website up and running to showcase as many people as I can about others who enjoy one of my favorite things to do. I have heard that crochet is a lost art, but I can honestly say that isn’t true.

Last night I felt like working on my cross stitch and was really sad, because the sun was going down and I could no longer work. I thought I was going to pick it up at first light, but my rainbow crochet blanket got into my hands first.

I just looked at the button left of my computer and I noticed my word count of 995 words is now over 1000. Yeah, it may have taken a day or two, but at least I am over the thousand word count.

Time to finish that cross stitch project…


Bye IV Now, LD*

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