To be Me or Them?


~ In detail what I am learning about making money on pinterest doing what I enjoy doing everyday. I got my music being played in the background and after I typed in my first question. I realized my notebook and pens are on the desk across the room. I am not about to get up, but all is well. A computer can have more than one page open at a time.

~ I know I am just going over what I have read before, but one cannot get enough information when you are about to invest money into a side job. A  side job you know that will not make enough money to live on, but once again I am being true to myself. If you are doing things to make money, then you are taking the joy out of what you are doing, and where is the fun in that?

~ Life is too short and I am tired, BEYOND TIRED in doing my best and not getting it returned. Who would have believed in the year of 2020 the world would be in a stand still of  verses that are killing people. We live in an age where we can talk to family and friends across the world. We can even see them on a screen as we talk to them and that is just a small taste of what can be done in this age in time.

~ I have no interest in making a list of all the good and bad things that can and cannot be done today. The things that should be done or working on being done is way too high for me to count. As I am  looking around my bedroom, I realized as I have known before “its time be free,” and that means going over something I learned to do – so be it. The difference between then and now? I am truly ready to take that step.

Questions  & Answers on Google: How many affiliates can you have on a pinterest account?  The answer is yes you can have affiliates, but didn’t see an answer to my question.

I can only shake my head, because I already set up a business account on my pinterest page. I remember doing it, and now I know why I didn’t get to that next step. I didn’t have a website. There were so many sites to get information about starting a website and looking at prices. It was the prices that had stopped me from getting more information and actually  setting up a website for myself. 

I have been told that you had to have a large amount of items to sell and if not there was a way for you to set up another account to a company. That company would be unknown to the public as they placed an order through her, but it will be going to that unknown company. 

I started listening to what others had done to get their site up and what they are doing. I don’t like the idea of a person clicking on my site and ordering something from me that may or may not be a good product.  They couldn’t understand why I thought that was wrong and telling me that is how it is done. I am NOT A FOLLOWER!!

I am about to prove them wrong, because I am going to do this my way. “My way” reminds me of a song, but my mind is at a loss at who sang it? They say your mind is the first to go haha I know it was one Usher Raymond’s song. I just can’t remember what album it came from? 

I do know this, because one of his songs saved my life. I was walking towards the bus stop on a four way lane street and was enjoying my music and took a few step off of the sidewalk, but when “Confessions” a song from Usher came on my headphones I started dancing and jumped back onto the sidewalk, because well that was the safest place to dance. Anyway a second after I stepped onto the crib a red car ran a light and hit a truck which came right at me. I was able to move out of the way. My heart rate was high, but I wasn’t hurt. To this day I know if I hadn’t gotten into that song, who knew where I would be today.

I just realized I got sidetracked. I am also smiling, because I am just happy in what I am doing right now. I am just thinking out loud and just being me. I am not thinking about what I was supposed to be writing about, because I am done with that subject. Then again I never had a subject when I started writing. I have no idea what I want to say and I go from there. The title usually comes to me in the end?

Anyway, I know you place ads onto your account, and ads are another word for affiliates.  I even read where you can place ads onto your blog page, but I wouldn’t want to do that. I enjoy reading a story and not having to go through a written commercial.

I talked it over with my brother, who is more into this online world than I am, and he may not agree with what I want to do. He does understand and is going to help me set up my website my way.

I wished I had spoken with him a few days ago, because I spent two days looking into what a copywriter does and do I need one? Then again why should I pay someone to do what I can do. Then with all that time wasted it wasn’t meant for me. 

I am going to sell my craft on my page, but it will be in the form of a request. I will also offer to make a blanket or a simple (but nice) throw for them in a color of their choice. I don’t like the idea of anyone sending me money expecting their items within a month, not going to happen, and I am going to be up front about that.

Someone once called me “being too honest” and my eyes just opened wider, because that’s who I am. I have also learned that not everyone is going to be honest like myself, but I am not going to follow their steps.

I will not send an item until I get payment first and that is how business is made. They may not like this, but it will be a final sale on every item. People are funny and I have no idea what kind of demons they may have and will try to send them my way. So, that might be nother thing against me, but I can only be me.
Bye IV Now, LD*


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