Staying Positive.


Who knew a clean kitchen can make you smile? I have stopped dreaming about things I see on a tv or movie screen. It took me a while to understand I do not know the truth behind the words and pictures I see in a magazine. 

You may see a smiling face, but is it real? So, I am happy with my smile. My kitchen was just a little out of order and it’s now lemon fresh. A true smile is better then a fake smile. 

I started posting positive thoughts and pictures on my Facebook page, because you never know who may be crying underneath that smile that is shown in the public eye. It’s a time where we should be encouraging each other and not just focusing on the bad things. How can we get through this? What can we do until it’s over.

I know there are a few who do not understand the Bible and may not believe. I do know if one stays in the dark one cannot see the light, so why not focus on something good. Think of a way to make that bad thing good.

I also learned to not look at the big picture, but break it down into small pieces. No job is too small, because if someone hadn’t built those steps no one else could go to the next flour. So, just maybe sending something positive is a good thing.

I have a few friends who talk about wanting a better outcome, but more focus on the darkness. That’s all they want to talk about, so I have learned to say a quick hello. I also text those who text. The best thing about a text is you keep it short and to the point and if you answer with a letters like: “K” “O” “U” 

If you have a person whom you know likes to talk and you are just not in the mood, but you still want to be polite. My phone has a, “can’t talk, text you later” button. I don’t feel too bad about not answering it. Sometimes that is true I am busy, but there are times when I am just not feeling that person.

My positive words for myself is, “A better me,” because that is what I am working on. It will be  better for both mind and body. Those three words are keeping me moving even when all I want to do is sit down. I decided to break down my workouts from one thirty minute workout to a three thirty minute workout each day.


I took a few minutes to throw in a few cornrows, because for some reason I cannot find a hat. It’s a good thing I am not so into my looks that I have to be  modal every time I walk out of my door. I can go out and enjoy a short walk. I am going to push through my walk no matter how painful it may be.

Yesterday (2 days ago now) after my doctor’s visit I realized what I have been looking at was true. I knew I was overweight, but that 293 made me sound like Ric Flair who used to say whoo. I shook my head and recalled my words. “A better me,” and those numbers are not me.

It’s time that I stop here and get outside, because the sky is grey. I don’t mind walking under a grey sky, but it’s not good walking in the rain. Then again it’s not so bad, but I cannot take a chance on getting a simple cold. We are now living in a time where the simple can be turned into something that goes beyond simple.

It was raining lightly and the old me would have gone back into the house, but I am not who I was a few weeks ago. I turned my key and grabbed a jacket and an umbrella, with the sound of gospel off I went.

I started to turn right and go down a hill, but I turned left and walked up a small hill. I didn’t even get halfway before my back started yelling at me. “I am not listening to you pain – you can go away.” is what I said. I may have had to stand still a few times, but I wasn’t going to stop.

Thirty minutes doesn’t sound like a lot and it will not make a difference. That would be a dark side trying to keep you from the light. I know every little step goes a long way, One has to take baby steps before they can get to that full out strength run. 

.The best thing about starting off slow, it helps you keep moving, and one day you will notice your thirty minute workout is way too easy. Then it will be time to add fifteen extra minutes  and then another fifteen minutes. I myself will call it done at an hour, but then again that’s me. Who knows that time frame could change only time will tell.

Eggs are cooling (I am boiling two eggs) for my salad. I had planned on being a vegetarian to lose weight, but my doctor told me that wasn’t a good idea. So chicken, (not fried) sea food, and red meat once a month. I still plan on eating light and extra veggies every day along with more water.


Just thinking about water I am making a face. The only good side to that is , my doctor was happy with the five cups a day I have been drinking, and she and I didn’t have to drink a gallon a day. Now that was the best news I got yesterday.

Well my writing time is up for the day. Someone said it was a time to be lazy and I’m like NO WAY! I have always liked to be doing something, because look what happened. I was just eating and crocheting as well as working on my cross stitch. I LOVE my projects, but sitting down for hours doesn’t do your body good.

I am also the one who likes to plan things out and today I am just checking things off as being done. It is now a time to work on my craft before I eat and a little reading and my last 30 minute workout by dancing to end my Saturday off right.

If I cannot find a movie on TV, there is always the computer as I eat the last of my cheesy cauliflower Mexican rice dinner. I had tried a store brand of cauliflower rice and it was the nastiest thing I ever tasted and wasn’t going to try it again, but I knew I had to add more veggies. So I found a recipe that I turned into one of my own, and it was so good. 


My son said he didn’t need to add ranch to it and he puts ranch on everything he eats. I am so glad he liked it. A big hit and I can’t wait to do it again.

Sometimes you have to put your own spend on it to make it good. I also added black beans and I didn’t care for them before.


Bye IV Now, LD*

(1215 word count) 


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