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I got up with a purpose today and so ready to start working on my light blue crochet  project. 

Its called: A Crochet Modern Boho Granny Stitch. I learned about it on YouTube.

I also noticed : https://daisyfarmcrafts.com/modern-boho-granny-crochet-blanket/

I may have played a few minutes on my township game and as I listened to some calming sounds coming from the television (channel 1911 a gospel station on music choice a station on cable).


I was not going to think how I had to take out two days’ work, because of a mistake. I normally would have continued to work on it and cover it up at the end.           

I got to thinking about the $85.00 to$100.00 that I will be charging for it and thought I am going to give my best. Now there are times when I honestly do not catch the mistake until my project is so far long, that I cannot redo it, and just have to move forward.

I am human and I have the ability to learn. I learn from mistakes and try not to do the same thing. I also look at others not with the mind “it won’t happen to me,” because I will do it differently. That is not a mind of learning, but one trying to outdo someone else.

It doesn’t matter who made the mistake, if you can learn from it, and make it right. That means choosing a different path and praying over each step you take. You keep moving forward for the past is the past and I am not going to let that hold me down. I may have to remind myself –

  • I am Loved – I know I have Jesus, my son, a handful of family and friends. I am blessed. One doesn’t need to have a crowd around them to know this. And, I LOVE MYSELF!!!

On a side note ~ One has to know who are real and who are just there, because not everyone who says they are your friend are truly your friend. The person who is blood related from your  mother, aunt or uncle may not have the right heart for you, because a person who may share your blood can hurt you just as bad as that thief, and more.

  • I am Not my mistake – There was a time I was walking through the world without a heart and allowed self doubt to take my dreams, believing the lies. I lost count of the times people have talked down to me, treating me as if I was really there, and if they didn’t care? Why should I?

On a side note ~ You are the only one who is in charge of your own steps. I walk on a path that says I can do anything I set my mind to. I am not going to let anyone stop me from setting my dreams free and that includes me. I know what I want and have taken steps to learn and grow and one day others will see what I know. Then again I do not care if they do or if they don’t see, because they are not me!

  • I am More than what people see – They believe I should just work from paycheck to paycheck. It may not be a job you like and it doesn’t matter as long as your bills are paid.

On a side note ~ If you are not happy, you are not going to do your best, and what’s the point? You have one life to give, so why do something you don’t like. Then again if you like it, cool, do your best and work on your dream without others knowing about it. Keep a secret smile and enjoy your life the best you can.

  • I have a dream and I am walking in it now and enjoying every step I take.

I am laughing,because that was a title of a Bobby Brown song years ago,  “Every little step,” and now I do not remember the word to it. I know he (Bobby Brown) was in black dancing with two male background dancers also in black and a skinny light skin black girl was walking around in a black mini skirt and a silver top.  This video also showed him with a new weird haircut and dancing the running man. I guess I remembered a lot about the video..

The sun is out and I am so grateful for another day. I cannot help but smile and I am not going to let anyone take this feeling away from me.

I realized not everyone is on the positive side, especially this day in age with this virus keeping everyone in the house and on edge.  I have one friend who I know is a nice person and strong in her belief. We look at Jesus in two different ways, but we both agree He is good.

I figured if I could overlook some of the things I don’t agree with, I could do the same for a long time friend. Let’s call him “James,” after last night I am starting to rethink the decision to allow him back into my space.

I almost overlooked the mistake I made on my light blue project and after taking in a loud breath I had to redo a part of it and his statement had me shaking my head. 

James : What’s wrong?                            Me       : I just made a mistake and have to redo my stitch.                                James : That’s no big deal.                      Me       : It’s time I get me some tea with ginger and go to bed.                          James : What’s the ginger for. You sick?Me       : No, it’s good for you. I even tried it in my coffee.                           James  : Don’t do that you’re going to make yourself sick.                                  Me       : Not, it was a little spicy and good. I am done talking to you good night and bye.

I hung up on any response that he might have said. I knew he had gotten under my skin, because of that first sip of my tea. I didn’t realize I had too much lemon in it and I couldn’t drink it.

I wonder if he even caught onto the caring words that he was saying? I was told at an early age to think before I speak, because once a word is said it cannot be taking back. You can apologize, but those hurtful words cannot be forgotten. 

I believe that is why it takes me a moment to say what’s on my mind, but make no mistake. I will be truthful and to the point.

My son came home and anything that wasn’t a good thought was pushed aside.  That’s what I am talking about. If a person can’t make you smile, then why are they in your space?

I am thinking about only talking to him through text only. Then again why should he be in my space if he isn’t worth it. Life is too short to allow even a thought of anything less than positive and no matter how I talk of this he has a “me,” personality and doesn’t see anyone else. 

I am smiling, because I just answered my own question. I have to get back to my light blue project, but first a cup of coffee..


Bye IV Now, LD*

(1202+ word count)


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