Working Out Here & There …



I awoke with a purpose and although the sun wasn’t up with me, I got up and started my walk. I surprised myself by not only thinking of going for a walk, to walking before the sun was in the sky wow. It was a good way to  start my day.

I had originally wanted to workout with a lady on tv who does a morning stretch, but she was a little too advanced for me. It would have been nice if she had two ways  to show her workout routine.

That is one of the main reasons why I never liked going to an aerobic class, because there was a chance that there wasn’t someone showing you how to do the same steps in a slower way. For the few who are out of shape, may find it hard to keep up, and give up halfway through.

I have taken beginner classes, but for some reason the instructor goes so slow that I’m like no way. Then if you get lucky there are two people doing the same thing,  instead of doing jumps and high kicks, the second person’s moves aren’t so painful, and the average person can follow. That second person made the class more doable. I would definitely go back and tell others along the way to do the same.

My walk this morning was only a warm up, because my goal is to workout  at least two hours per day. They will not be joined together, but each minute  will count.

I have already added more water, (on my 2nd cup so far) less food, and a better attitude  are on the top of my list. Someone had suggested fasting and I know I cannot do that, so for now I am going to try it my way. I will cut out a full lunch and a light dinner.                      20200506_083329

I believe in a good breakfast to start my day and I am not going to change that. If I didn’t eat,  I wouldn’t be able to have a cup of coffee, and trust me when I say I am not a nice person without it. 

I thought I was the only person who didn’t like to drink their coffee with food. When I am eating I want to enjoy my food and it’s the same when I am drinking my coffee. Besides I am mentally preparing for my day and how can one start a realizing day without their coffee? 20200501_111440

 I just finished a nice 10 minute routine and can’t wait for the next one.  I saw this “ 7 Day Challenge 7 minute workout on youtube,”  and it was easy to follow. Only time will tell if it will work.

Yesterday, I was so proud of myself for going farther in my walk outside. I have been aiming to get to the bottom of the hill after my regular routine. I normally walk up a small hill, back down the hill to the corner and turn right, but I wasn’t able to go to the end. 

Yeah, but I had the misfortune to be talking to a person who thought that that wasn’t much of a challenge. He (James) went on and on how I should be walking on a track and something else I don’t recall, because I started tuning him out. 

In those few words he made me recall why I stopped talking to him. I have another friend who isn’t so positive right now, but I realized she just wants to go back home. She lives in Costa Rica and of course she cannot with this sickness going on.

I figured if I can overlook her words, I could do the same for him, but I realized I cannot. Well, I will keep giving an encouraging note through text, but that will be about it. It will be up to him if he accepts that, because I cannot be a better me with “doubtful” words coming towards me.

I see the clock says it’s 1:35pm and my tummy is yelling at me. It says, “FEED ME!” I am going to get some fruit and another cup of water.  I will most likely get a granola bar by 3pm and another cup of water, but it will be heated.

I had read something about drinking hot water is good for you. I drank room temperature water all the time, but the word “hot” popped into my head. So, I googled what I was thinking. I read a  few sites, but I like this one best.

I am NOT going to list any of the information  from it, so if you want to know what I read please feel free to go to the site. I will have to do the same thing, because I noticed a few other articles that would be good for my health.

I found a new crochet project a light blue drunken granny stitch 20200512_202820 and I can’t wait to get back to it. 

Since, I am only close to 900 words, and I have decided no less than 1,000 word count for either my “Blog” or my “Website,” so I will come back after lunch, and my craft time.

I walked for another 15 minutes and danced for 30 for a total of one hour and ten minutes. I may not have gotten to the two hour workout planned today, but it was my first time testing this idea out. A little over an hour is better than none at all. 

I ended my day with a simi healthy dinner of salmon and oven fried carrots and potatoes. I was surprised it was good, but not very filling. I also didn’t go by the full recipe, because I wasn’t going to cook it in a half a stick of butter (Even if the butter was unsalted). The salmon wouldn’t have been as healthy as I liked and I am working on being , “A better me.”20200513_185932

(Those are carrots )

Bye IV Now, LD*

(1,018 word count)

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