Kids Do Listen.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are doing your job as a parent right. There’s no one to tell you “good job” or “you did good’ or “that looks nice”. Then again that statement may not be the total truth?

In time your child or children will tell just how well you did. I read to my child every night and continue to read to him until he was able to read for himself. I didn’t stop reading with him when he was say six years old, but encouraged him to read the book with me.

We turned those times into a game where we act out the words we were reading or when I would say, “What do you think will happen if?” He would think about what he wanted to say and we have a whole new story time game. I did ask questions like, “What happened to a character that was in that book?” That made him start thinking again and made bedtime more fun.

It wasn’t until ten years later that I had wished I had taped those story time games. He also told me he was glad we were always reading, not just at bedtime, because it helped him remember things he had to read when he was in school. 

He noticed a lot of friends were having trouble and it wasn’t until years later that he realized how I kept on asking questions about what was already read, how he had to not only think about who or what he already read, but answer the questions that were asked.

I had noticed my son remembered a lot more if he wasn’t focusing just on one thing. I never understood how he could multitask at an early age, but whatever worked.

He also learned what I already knew. Sometimes it’s best to go  slow and just adjust your time if need be. He got a little upset after he broke his dvd and we weren’t able to watch the anime show.

We both were a little hurt for too different reasons, but we both knew it wasn’t each other that those bad feelings were being felt. In time he was able to calm down, as sometimes one has to stop and breathe.

We were able to watch the last two shows later on that night. The next day we finished another set and now I believe we have one last season to finish the anime series “The Last Airbender.”

I surprised myself by reading an anime book (and at this moment I cannot recall the name and don’t feel like getting up to go get it, to write it down) at work. A coworker couldn’t believe it either. She is about my son’s age in her early twenties. We spoke of shows we liked and didn’t like. 

“I wish you were like my mother,” she said. I just laughed and it was the first time since I started working that I enjoyed talking to someone. I enjoy anime and it felt good talking about it other than with my son.

I want to go for a walk and I don’t want to go. I think I will try working out on this exercise bike for thirty minutes and that will be a start to me getting to be a better me.

I finally got myself a table for the patio and I can’t wait to get out there and work on my rainbow project. I decided I need to start making videos, because I am getting closer and closer to getting my website up and running.

Anyway, one thing at a time. Working out for thirty minutes, giving the patio a make-over, taping part of me working on my project, and all before I get my morning coffee. 

The ladies of The Real will be on in almost three hours, so I am going to end this here. I may or may not come back today. Only time will tell.


I could only sit out on the patio for 30mins, because the heat was overpowering the shade I was sitting in. I did make my video and I still don’t know how others do it. I knew I had to step out of what I am comfortable doing, because there is NO FEAR WITHIN ME!

The more I talk in front of the camera, I will be able to open up, and truly be me. Who knows one day I will be able to be myself in front of the camera and teach others what I LOVE doing. 

If you don’t try, then how will you know what you can or cannot do?

I’ve been telling my son that for years and today I am doing just that.

My patio is starting to look like the picture I have in my head. An outdoor rug is my next thing I am on the hunt for. I saw one in Marshalls a few weeks ago, but I didn’t really like it. There was a time I would have just gotten it, but today is a new day. No more half done or it’s okay for me. If it’s not right, then it’s not me, and I am okay with that.

It is now 10:38am and by the time I get pictures and a video (even though I did 3 or 4) ready to be posted. It will be coffee time….

Bye IV Now, LD*

(911 word count)

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