I am stepping out on faith and knowing I can do better. Once again I wasted my day waiting for someone to help me. I knew he had a mind for business and the world of computers, so why not get his help.

The problem with asking for people’s help, you put your trust in them, and they can let you down. Although it wasn’t a loud response when I questioned if he forgot to send the information to me, it was an eye opener.

I did get a word that was supposed to help me and that word was e-commerce. I have only started  with my search, but this past hour and twenty five minutes has my eyes open.

Yesterday, I spent most of my day going back and forth from one game to another and crocheting in between the fun. I was enjoying my day, but it should have been spent on improving myself.

Today is another day to smile, another day to be a better me, and another day to do what I have to do. I also have to get up and out for at least thirty minutes. Time for a walk. Although, I would rather eat and get back to my studying. I am not going to take the lazy way out. It’s 8:03am now……

I surprised myself by pushing my walk an extra walk around the block and up the hill when all I wanted to do was get back to my bed.

I knew I was doing too much when I started sweating, but I kept on walking. When I finally got back to my apartment and my eyes opened wide when I read 8:55. I couldn’t believe I walked 45mins.

I will leave earlier and bring a bottle of water next time. I wonder if I could walk farther?

That simi hot shower was welcomed and it’s time to eat and go back to my studies. I will know all there is to know about ecommerce today.


Time seemed to move very fast as I washed the ladies from The Real as I drank my coffee. I have been surprising myself all morning. This time I didn’t get that last cup of coffee. I didn’t have the urge to drink the last drop.  That totally isn’t me, because I LOVE my coffee.

At the corner of my right eye I can see my rainbow crochet project and as much as I want to work on it. I know I have two more points to understand what the word ecommerce has to do with my next stage in my life. So, this will be a short side step as I get back to what I have to do, and with the sound of gospel in the air. I can focus on this step towards a better me ..


My mind is screaming too much information coming in all at the same time. From the differences from a blog and a website. How to make money on both to WooCommerce. Here is where I started getting my questions then answers.

The more I read about WooCommerce I wasn’t liking the end of that word. I like to check and my eyes are open and my mind is screaming what to do?

I did learn all four parts of what ecommerce is and how it works. I did what I set out to do. I was going to end it there, and spend some time with my son. We were going to watch our favorite anime, (Avator) but the DVD broke and he got upset. 

The old me would have suggested something else, but this new me. I was looking and listening with my eyes and not my heart. I just said okay, and came back to my room. Yes, I was a little hurt, but it’s okay. (I know he still Loves me)…..

I know he isn’t looking at a time to spend with mommy, but another day. My mother no longer wants to spend time or do anything with me, but I know she cares.

I want to spend as much time with my son as I can. There may not be a tomorrow and I want him to recall me spending as much time with him as possible.

Oh well, I had another question. What was the difference between a blog and a website? Google actually wasn’t much help with this question. Then again, maybe I could have reworded it, but it doesn’t matter.

I came across, “Blog vs. Website – which one should you choose? (which is better and why)” by Karol K.  a contributor writer from

I know this shouldn’t be a wow moment, but it was. A blog is a website. I don’t know why I never thought of my blog being a website. I wonder if I am the only person who didn’t know that? It’s okay to laugh, because I am.

There were a few things I already knew about affiliate, but I never thought about selling ebooks on your page. That was something else that was learned.

The word woocommerce came up and the more I looked into it. The more my mind was screaming. It’s been a little over three hours since I started with these Q & A. I believe I put in enough studying for today. I would like to keep going, but knowledge can not be forced. Tomorrow is another day and who knows I may even have more questions I want to know, instead of just adding on to the ones I have now?

I need to cool down and relax anyway.  There is an old saying, “about all work and no play, is not fun?” I may be a little off, but I did say it was an old saying.

It is time to work on my rainbow project and call it a day. Well, for writing anyway, because the sun is still out and I am not going to sleep.

Bye IV Now, LD*

(1002 word count)

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