A Surprise Plan….


I surprised myself as I watched a father tie his son’s shoes through the glass window (I was in the entrance of the store greeting customers and offering clean shopping carts as they came into the store). I still don’t understand why this brought me so much joy. I was at work, but I felt the urge to pray for him

I didn’t blink as I waved my hand to get his action and he came outside and I asked if I could pray for him and his family. I wanted to say something big, but the words were all pulling together and it was hard for me to calm down and give  strong prayer.

I took a breath and prayed with my heart and the smile I got in return made my stumble of words all the better. There were people coming, but I barely saw them until I was done with my prayer.

We are living in a time where people are not judged for the person they are, but for the color of their skin. I didn’t just see a strong black man helping his son, but a man helping his son. I wanted them to be safe. I wanted the little boy to grow and follow his dreams. I wanted this family to love and enjoy their life. I hope my prayer came through with that message.

  I just smiled as I watched them go through the door once his wife was done shopping. I continued on with the story that has been playing in my head. 

Something told me to look back into the store and I didn’t realize three co-workers were just standing there watching me as if I had two heads.  They weren’t fazing me, because my heart was clear.

That feeling  didn’t last when three guys, who looked like they were coming from work, came in talking friendly, but when these three black guys walked out of the store with boxes of shoes they didn’t pay for.

People like that make me pray a little harder. I don’t understand how anyone can do wrong. If you  are able to comprehend right from wrong, why would you choose to do wrong?

I go to work in pain every day and  I am barely able to walk home. I work a job where I can barely pay my bills, but I am working. I am grateful for the chance to survive and grow. I am also working on doing better.

We live in an age where we can set our dreams free if we just put in a little effort to make them reality. I may not be as good in English as I should be, calling myself a writer, but I am NOT GOING TO STOP DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO. I Love the wonders of words

Those who laughed at me are those who don’t have a dream. They like to take what others have and if you let their doubting words stop you. Then they would have won and you lost the battle before it started. The best thing you can do is live your life the best you can and pray for safely  around you and yours so no evil can come your way.  

People are people and we should just learn to accept each other as a person. My mind is now low, because I am starting to think about coffee. It is a little windy outside and a cup of hot hot would be enjoyed on the patio, but I don’t know if I can wait another hour.

My girls, the ladies of “The Real” are coming on in 30 mins and I am not going to miss them when I am able to enjoy their show. I missed my dvr. Oh well they will always be in my heart.

I was going to continue to write, but my words are suddenly leaving me. I don’t know about anyone else, but it is hard to stay focused. I did work on my rainbow blanket as I watched “Fairy Tail” another anime. 

I am thinking about putting that story I have been thinking about while I was at work. I can do that on the patio and enjoy my coffee with the ladies of  “The Real.”  Now that I have a clear plan I can’t wait to get to work on it.

It does help to talk or type out a thought, because you never know when an idea will come to life. Don’t overlook something small, because it could turn into something big.

Bye IV Now, LD*

(751 word count)

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