Done in My Time…

Three hours I cannot get back. I still can’t believe I actually spent a little over three hours going over the right laptop I needed to upgrade, because I am going to get my own website.

I found an online class and I am going by what it needs and I am still at a “WOW” from the prices I saw. The cheapest was $350.00 and the best was over two thousand.  I say one day I will be able to afford the best, but now I need the second best.

There were a few that I could get and the reviews said they were okay, but am I an okay person? I say, “I am beyond okay,” so I will save like crazy to get that second best computer, but the next classes start on July 15, 2020. It is a six weeks course.

I don’t know if I can do it. Let me take those words back. I CAN and WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND and PASS THIS CLASS ONLINE. Sometimes we need to scream at ourselves to not back out before we get started. I am the only one who can stop myself from following my dream and I am NOT about to do that.

Let me see, I have 29 days to save, and to write at least fifteen articles for my website. I also decided to start making videos of me crocheting. Well, it won’t be a how to video, but a different look into my craft.

I already have an idea of what I want my first video to be about, but that will not happen until I get my rainbow done. I did work on it for maybe four hours today. I still need  little (a lot) more work on it.

I have been meaning to add more color to my room, but when you are renting. You have to stop and think “Am I going to get my deposit back,” so you have forgotten to dress up your room. I believe I have come up with away that will allow me to add some color to my room and leave it unharmed when I leave.

I know I have to set my dreams free in order for me to own my own and not just rent. There was a time when I didn’t want that, but as I am getting older. I need my own place and not just because I want a cat.

I don’t know how, but this will be my last year here. I haven’t had a cat in over twenty years, since I came to this +++++ place. Although I have come to like a few things about NC, but every place I’ve lived in I wasn’t able to afford a cat.  

I don’t have too many friends, because I don’t do what others do. I no longer go to the clubs or hang out at the bars. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I have been called a church girl who doesn’t have a life, so the few who once called me  friend aren’t here anymore.

If I felt like doing my hair, I would take a picture of my Big SMILE, but I don’t have much time. I need to keep my word and finish my article. I am coming September 1st, 2020 will be the day I set up my website. I cannot wait, but even the best cake cannot be rushed. A cake will be done when it’s done and not a second before. Trust me when I say an undercooked cake is not a cake to be eaten. 

Bye IV Now, LD*

(605 word count)

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