Understanding the Power of Words.

Talking is a way of communicating, but most people overlook the meaning behind each word. Yes, we understand the meaning of each word, but do we understand the feelings? Sometimes we have to go back to what was said by an Elder, and think before we speak. If you lace your words with lies, the more you talk, the truth will come back and bite you in you –  

 Words are the most powerful objects we have. If you are talking with the truth behind    each word. Then you should be able to back up each word, but if you take a word out of that statement. Then your words are no longer truthful and no one will EVER TRUST ANYTHING YOU SAY AGAIN! It is BEST  to be honest up front.

If you understand that words can encourage or discourage a person’s ability to help you? One doesn’t have to put on a false smile or pretend to be a friend. As an adult sometimes we should be like the child and be honest with our words, but change how those words are heard.  

If you take your emotions out of your words and talk how you wish to be spoken too, then you may have just encouraged that coworker to work a little faster, and not just keep eyeing you…..  

****Just Thinking, LD****

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