A New Challenge….

I don’t know why I thought I could wear this slim belt all day? I was thinking I could burn some extra calories while I stand for two or three hours as I greet customers as they come and leave the store.

An hour to get to work, an hour to relax before I actually start working, (I work on clearing my mind as I crochet listening to gospel music or just reading a book) and an hour and  half later this belt came off.

I decided to wear it on my day off, but since that day I spent working on my writing. The belt was wasted. Today’s challenge was and I am still working on this….

  1. Drink a lot of water, because I cannot drink it while I am at work. I have gotten 3 full cups of 20 ounces of water as of 10:47am.
  2. I had planned on going for a walk, but that isn’t going to happen. Then I remembered Misty Tripoli   who created “Body Groove”. https://www.bodygroove.com

Today I lasted a little over 30 minutes of dancing and moving my feet. My back started hurting twenty minutes into the DVD. I DID NOT STOP! I am proud of myself and the next time I push that play button. I will last longer…..

I was told I should drink a gallon of water every day. I don’t like drinking water in the first place, but one cannot drink that much each day if you are working each day.

11:06am I just finished a half a cup of water, which equaled a pitcher of water, and that is a first for me. It normally takes me two days, but today is a great day.

I plan on drinking as much water as I can each day. I walk at least two hours (I am counting steps as I walk while I am at work. Working retail keeps one on their feet and constantly moving) four to five days a week.

On the road to a better me…….

Bye IV Now, LEE*

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