A TLC Moment….

Had a “TLC” moment today. For those who are not fullmer with the trio of young ladies group in the 80s. I don’t recall the song, but it was the one where the guy sitting in the passenger seat of a car trying to holler at the girl…. (Now that I am no longer on my phone, let me Google that title of that song) “N0 Scrubs” a very COOL song….

Well, I never thought that could happen, and to happen to me had me in a “WOW” moment. If this is what make-up does (I don’t normally wear it), I may never wear it again.

1st co-worker : Did you go out last night or put on make-up this morning?

Me(frowning) : No I got up at 5am as I do every work day.. 

I had to cut my words short, because she isn’t from America and keeps saying rude things. I like to believe she doesn’t know she is being rude. I am just going to have to remember to keep words short and sweet with her.

I closed my eyes  a second before I walked away from her, and smiled. I added some color to my face today, because 1. I am a girl and it’s allowed. 2. I wanted a new look.  (one day I am going to learn how to put it on correctly)  Well, it’s time to get back to my next crochet project…

Bye IV Now, LD*

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