Listening to Words…..

We all can talk and some even may understand the words that are coming out of our mouth. But what if you are saying one thing and your meaning is totally different from what you are saying?

I thought I was being nice and letting go and ending a friendship clear and to the point? I was wrong, because they kept reaching out. Phone calls and text messages have gone unanswered. You know you are right, but it still bugs you that there seems no end to this…

You reached out to friends (female friends don’t answer) and one brave person (yes a male friend) who told me my words weren’t strong enough. He heard my anger, and pointed out it wasn’t towards the right person, and I agree.

I have decided I am “NO LONGER GOING TO PUT MY FEELINGS ASIDE TO TALK WITH ANYONE”. As a person no one wants to be alone and if there is a light coming from somewhere even if that light is grey we move towards it.

I LOVE looking up, because just like the clouds I am always changing. There’s beauty in everything and I REALLY DO NOT need someone to tell me I am beautiful or to talk to. I Know I am Loved. I have a few people who I can honestly call my friend (even if we don’t talk every day) and family.  

I am Blessed and it’s time I act like it. I am listening to a song by Jonathan McReynolds & Mali called “Movin’ On,” and I believe everyone should not only listen to these words, but understand them. One has to move on to be free  and Happy. We can either learn and move on or we can stay where we are and die like everyone else. I am not like anyone else I am More than what they see. So, Who Are You?

Bye IV Now LD*

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