Traveling Online 10: Georgia

When I think about Georgia, I think about food, and I am making myself hungry as I type. I wonder if they have a new way of cooking meals without meat? Although I do eat a little seafood maybe twice a month. I am Smiling as I think about the possibilities. It is no surprise, because I Love Ms. Kardea Brown has a show on food network called  “Delicious Miss Brown.”

{} : Seafood Crab Mac And Cheese | Delicious Miss Brown •Jan 5, 2021 {}

{}Food Network Australia   Subscribe to Food Network Australia for more delicious clips:   Kardea Brown, also known as Miss Brown, makes famous Southern mac and cheese, this time with a seafood twist. What could be better for the family dinner than a delicious crab mac and cheese?{} 

{} Georgia US State

Description  Georgia is a southeastern U.S state whose terrain spans coastal beaches, farmland and mountains. Capital city Atlanta is home of the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, dedicated to the African-American leader’s life and times. The city of Savannah is famed for its 18th – and 19th-century architecture and leafy public squares. Augusta hosts the Masters golf tournament. – Google.{}

This brief info from Google didn’t make me want to go visit, but then again it was short. I am going to hunt around youtube and see what I can see…

{} I drove through downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This is what I saw • May 23, 2021.

  Nick Johnson  

 Downtown Atlanta was so empty. Why??

For this edition of dashboard tours, I took I-85 north from Alabama into the heart of it all – Atlanta Georgia. The plan was to record the downtown Atlanta area, a metro area that I had only seen from the window of a car. I was lucky – Atlanta traffic ranks as the fourth worst in the country. But because of a global pandemic, i was able to scoot into downtown with hardly a backup at all. It was Thursday, January 7, 2021 at about 2:39 pm.{}

#1  I liked the information at the start of this video and the music as he drove around the town.  I did see a few places I like to have a second look at. One of the biggest Ferris wheel  I have ever seen. After I saw Metro Cafe  I realized I forgot to get my coffee. I saw  a blue sign “Rialto,”  and I couldn’t wait  to find out what it was. It is an art center

Side note – I am not sure why there are two dates, but other than that. I wanted to correct the mistake I saw in his description of this video, but I didn’t. Not that big of a deal. I enjoyed watching this video as I worked on my baby blue project…


TYBEE ISLAND GA • Mar 23, 2021

Walker Wandern  A look at Tybee Island located near Savannah in coastal Georgia. A quick look at some of the highlights of Tybee Island, GA including Tybee Island Light Station (Tybee Lighthouse), Tybrisa Street, the Tybee beach and Tybee Pier, Chatham and Venetian Drive, Fisherman Pier and some of the colorful neighborhood.{} 

#2  It didn’t take too long into this video to know this video is just meant to bring in tourists, but it was without heart. I would only go here on the off season. I like to relax and NOT be in a crowd. There is more, but not in this video. If you like more info this website should help with that….


Savannah Travel Guide – Including Tybee Island • Premiered May26, 2021

For Stock footage or Licensing of this video of Savannah, contact {} 

#3  I was right about Tybee Island, but it wasn’t until I saw this video that gave me more information about the place. I almost didn’t watch this video, because it started off by talking about ghosts. I thought that is all of what the video was going to be about. I am glad I was wrong. There was so much information within this video, I would like to go and visit Savannah Ga. I am thinking when would the best time to go..

I had to ask Google – when are there less people in Savannah, Ga to visit, but I couldn’t get an answer to that question. Then I saw this article – 10 Things to know before you arrive in Savannah by: IHG hotel & resorts.

There is a cafe shop that is not only run by Veterans, but they also help other veterans its called The Black Rifle Coffee on River Street

{}Helen City in Georgia

Description   Helen is a mountain town in Georgia. It’s known for its vineyards and Bavarian-style buildings. Unicoi State Park offers a lake and campsites. Trails run through the Chattahoochee National Forest to the Anna Ruby and Raven Cliff waterfalls. In Smithgall Woods State Park, Dukes Creek is known for trout. Hardman Farm State Historic Site includes an 1870 homestead and the Nacoochee Indian Mound burial site. – Google. {}



Andy Gordon    Walking, bicycling, and tubing in Helen, GA {}

#4  This video had me thinking about some of the romance books I have read and it was a welcome smile. I wouldn’t mind visiting this place, it looks like a cool place to walk, and shop. 

Side Note: Since this is a place especially for tourists – I would go when it is over.. Google said between August and September when school starts, sounds right 2 me.. Oops I just notice the date 2020. i have been trying to get up to date videos… I liked the video and over looked the date, sorry.


12 Best Things To Do In Blue Ridge, Georgia Jun 9,2021

Greenable  Have you wondered about the 12 Best things to do in Blue Ridge Georgia? This is a beautiful, mountainous region in the great state of Georgia and one that you’ll love to visit!{} 

#5 I think I would love to ride the ole time train ride. If I ever get a chance to come here I will invest in a camera, because I would really be upset if my phone charges off and I miss taking a picture. Nature has too many things to not take a picture of. This video gives you some cool ideas to visit Blue Ridge.  Here is a website with more info 

I am going to say, “good – bye” to Georgia here, because I need to get into my world (I am working on another book). I have always wanted to visit Hawaii and now I can work and plan at the same time.  

Bye IV Now, LD*

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