So ~ So People…

I am in the middle of Georgia, and it is more than just Atlanta. I cannot get this thought out of my mind, and I thought of making another list to finally set this thought free…

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To So – So Parents

  1. A seven year old or less SHOULD NEVER GO TO A PUBLIC RESTROOM ALONE!!!!
  2. A child shouldn’t touch everything in a store..
  3. A child shouldn’t be allowed to be in the toys section without you. (My son thought he was there alone, but I was always behind him).
  4. A baby one year old should NEVER have a lollipop in their mouth. (Unless the pop is too big for their mouth, so they won’t choke. Then again sugar isn’t good for their teeth, unless you want them to spend a lot of time in a dentist seat?
  5. Sorry, but if my child ever raised their voice or hand to me – 

Let me just say, he or she would never do it again. Yes, kids will test you, but you let them know at an early age you are the ones in control and not the other way around.

I believe I can stop here and move on to something more pleasant. Well, I am working on a baby blue crochet project now. I think I will prepare dinner and get back to that….

A nice way to end my Saturday…

Bye IV Now, LD*

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