A Smile from a Mistake..

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Changing how one thinks and acts is hard, but it can be done. Setting an idea in place without doing the work may work out for the best, but that thin line can easily be broken. The question that you have to ask yourself, ‘is this going to break me or is this going to make me work harder to set it right?’ and your answer will set your steps.

I LOVE to create and thought how sweet it would be if I could talk about my craft and sell it all in one place. What better way to do that is having my own website, but not really liking the computer world and NO ONE willing to help (without me spending a week’s paycheck) I am going to be realistic now and pull the plug on my website. I am NOT willing to give up my name Krochetcafe.com, so I will keep the name. 

I have heard of Etsy.com and shopify.com, but I don’t feel they are right for me. I have talked with a few people who have and had worked on these sites and they have talked about the good and bad things.

I guess that is when I thought I should just have my own website and get past those negative thoughts. I may not be able to keep my site up and running, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Then I got to thinking. Are there any other sites that I could sell my crochet projects on? I am not going to give up on Etsy, because it didn’t work for someone else. I am NOT them. Here is  google’s answer to my question:

{} 9 Best ETSY Alternatives 

  • Shopify. For any seller considering a move from ETSY to a self-hosted site, selling on Shopify is the obvious starting point in 
  • your research journey….
  • Big Cartel….
  • Zibbet….
  • Handmade at Amazon….
  • Bonanza….
  • IndieMade….
  • Aftcra…..
  • Storenvy…….

Mar 17, 2021 • 9 Best Etsy Alternatives for Creative Entrepreneurs – Fundere.  https://www.fundera.com/blog/etsy-alternatives {}

I plan on doing a lot more research and when I take my next step it won’t be with luck on my side, but knowledge this time around. Whoever said, “The more you know – The more you grow?” 

UGH, another question and I want an answer. Google is so good at finding answers.

{} Aristotle  – Aristotle famously wrote, “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.” . Feb 20, 2019 {}

I guess all of my words didn’t come from Aristotle, but I like mine better hahaha

I am done with my quick thoughts, because I am going to get a cup of coffee and get to reading about my new project. Any mistake you can learn and grow from, is worth a Smile to set that mistake right.


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