No More Fear

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I still cannot believe I was dumb enough to run from a dog. It’s NOT a surprise I got hurt from not getting over this fear. I know you don’t run from a dog, stay calm, think about something else, and slowly walk away. Never show a dog fear.

Knowing the things you should do and actually doing them are two different things. I have lost days at work. In other words I will NOT have a check for this week, but the bills will still keep coming to my door.

This would turn a normal person to stressing on things they cannot control. It’s how you handle your stress that will help you overcome the bad times in your life. I stay focused on things I can do, get into the Word (The Bible), and know I will overcome any setback, because I will never give up.

I know some may think having a drink is okay, because this will help their pain. Some clean, baking, and the list can go on. They put aside what really is important, not understanding one cannot overlook the real problem and it doesn’t go away.

I am sipping on a cup of hot tea, because I know it always has helped me to relax. I  have been thinking outside of the box, but so far I haven’t been able to get it to work. As I am forced to sit with my leg elevated with an ice pack on my ankle. I will try – no I will do my best to combine my blog and my website  (and yes I will be keeping my name) together.

I will not let fear take over my thinking about improving my writing and my goal to sell my crochet projects or walking outside where I might see a dog. FEAR YOU WILL NOT WIN.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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