A Lazy Saturday…

A lazy Saturday doesn’t mean you are not doing anything or going anywhere. The word ‘lazy’ has a different meaning to everyone, what does the words ‘Lazy Saturday’ mean to you?

  1. Crochet – I know I crochet every day. The idea of crocheting as long as I like was a COOL idea. I am keeping my word in finishing one project at a time (unless someone is requesting an item and is paying for my time) and not start another project until I’m done with this one. I am working on an orange and blue project now . Although I would rather be working on another project in a yellow, because I just got some new yarn. I am Smiling just thinking about working on it. 
  2. Reading – I gave away most of my books,(because of moving into a smaller space) but saved a few that I liked the most. I started one book, but I was surprised I couldn’t get into it (again). The next book was a Jude Deveraux book “Ever After,” and I cannot put this book down. I know of the characters, but I don’t recall the full story. Once again, I cannot stop reading this book. 
  3. I also like playing my video games: Township and Design Home are two of games I play on my phone.
  4. I would watch anime all day  and every day if I had it my way. I am running out of new anime to watch that don’t have fighting in it. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ONE PIECE  (for where else would I get to watch Zoro) and a few more, but sometimes less action can help clear one’s mind.
  5. Working only if I want to – will end my list on what my lazy day would be (is).

The sun is out, I think I will take my crochet out on the patio, and enjoy the rest of my lazy Saturday.  I hope whatever you call fun, you make that your lazy Saturday or your next free day..

Bye IV Now, LD*

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