A Good Question…

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

I know I am watching way too much anime, but I cannot help what I enjoy watching in  my free time. I am thinking about how I can change how I live. 

I am at a loss for new anime to watch, (that has no fighting in it) and once again turned back to something I had watched before, “The Ouran HighSchool Host Club.” 

~ The twins had asked Haruhi if they could come over to her house and she said, “no,” but that didn’t change their mind. They planned their fight and didn’t stop until she stepped in. It was after she agreed they could come over, that she realized she had been tricked, but it was too late to change her mind.

I got my question after the guys entered her apartment and she asked them to take their shoes off. Tamaki had asked about slippers, but they noticed there was a tatami mat and they didn’t need slippers. ~

What is a tatami mat? Google answered with: 6 Things to Know About Tatami Mats – Traditional Japanese  Flooring  by Nihon Naka https://www.nihonnaka.com/6-things-to-know-about-tatami-mats

I like the idea of leaving your shoes at the door and the dirt outside. I like the idea of the soft floor, but there is no way these old bones can sit or sleep on the floor. Then again, the more I read about the benefits of tatami mats, the more I want to have them in my house, and not just as flooring.

https://sleepissimple.com/tatami-mat/ – Sleep is Simple: 10 Best Tatami Mats reviewed – what is the Best tatami Mat? 

I am smiling just thinking about what my new place could look like on the inside, but what about those cool walkways around the house? Time to get to searching if it could be done.

There are a few websites that give information about how to design and the meaning of  a Japanese  walkway, but some had more information than pictures, or the site wanted more information from then I was willing to give.

I went to my FAVORITE website and got a lot of cool ideas for a Japanese walkway on Pinterest.com.  If you do not have an account “WHY NOT?” It is free and it is full of cool things. In a few clicks you will have some questions answered and have fun doing it.

I just started a ‘Backyard’ board with one picture, but I like to explore more ideas for this new board. I am not surprised when I have gotten one question answered, I have another in its place, because one cannot be bored if they are full of questions.  I have heard ‘the more you know – the more you grow,’ and I will continue to keep my mind growing with more intriguing questions. Who doesn’t enjoy finding an answer to a good question?

Bye IV Now, LD*

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