IV The Love of Anime!

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I may not be an expert on Anime, but I do enjoy watching a good story. There are a lot of stories I will not look at, (some are either too bloody or go against my beliefs) but there are countless stories to choose from.

I decided I wasn’t going to just drop a random post every now and then. It is beyond time to redo my blog and get organized. 

Now don’t get me wrong www.3amThunderofWords.com  was created to write down an idea, to share a laugh or two, and show off whatever crochet project I was working on. It is time to step up my game and how else can I do that, unless I take that 1st step……

Then again I am NOT going to change everything, because that wouldn’t be cool. I am adding two extra pages (the other one will be me being creative with my hands or talking about crochet, cross stitch, and maybe a book). This will help me stay focused on that subject and maybe help everyone read what they are more interested in and cut out useless words.

I have also stopped trying to write a book, because that is something totally different. The difference between a book and a blog post is night & day. At least it is IV me…

When you pick up a book you are already prepared to be reading that story for a while. Whereas a blog post could be long,  not at long as a book, and you get its point.

I will NOT stop typing until my point gets across or until I am happy with its ending. After all, what is the point of keeping a run on sentence going just, because others have more words. ** Sorry I got turned around, because I stopped talking about anime…. 

It is Time 2 say, Bye IV Now, LD*

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