My Real Job..

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What is the difference between a job and a paycheck? :

  1. Job          – A job is a place where you go to do something for someone else and they pay you to follow their rules.
  2. Paycheck – Is money you get from working at a job.

That was an easy answer to that question, but then again it was just the basic answer. Most people would take the first answer and go onto another question, not looking back, or giving it a second thought.

The problem with that kind of thinking is, “What if there was more,” you would never know if you didn’t look past the first step. When you were in school the teacher would ask what your career choice would be and give you ideas on how to set that dream free (if you get lucky enough to get a teacher who actually cared).

A job could be more than just working at a retail or grocery store?  If you like what you are doing then your job is worth going to everyday. It is the same if you went into a career of your choice.

Now a paycheck is just that, money from a job, and nothing special. A person who is living paycheck to paycheck may just be getting   by and Not living their BEST LIFE.

So, let me ask my question again. What is a job and a paycheck to you? For me my job is just a job just for the paycheck, until I can turn my craft into my real  job ‘One Day’.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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