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I am laughing, because if I were to ask , ‘ who was Dorothy and Toto?” I know anyone who has seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz”  would automatically think about a girl and her dog who came from the state of Kansas and taken to a magical place called Oz. 

Yes, I am on my way to Kansas, but I am looking to see what this state is about. What is there to do and see? (At least   beyond the world of sports) …..

{} Kansas  State of the United States of America

Kansas is a state in the Midwestern United States. Its capital is Topeka and its largest city is Wichita Kansas is bordered by Nebraska… {} 


Hidden Gems in KANSAS/Things To Do In Kansas  Jan 30, 2021

Kristen and Sam  Day 3-5 of our road trip to Dener brings us to see some hidden gems in Kansas! Our first stop is in Wichita Kansas to see the Keeper of the Plains! Day 4 brings us to see Mushroom Rocks State Park (Brooksville, KS), Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park (Oakley, KS), and Monument Rocks State Park (Oakley, KS). We hope that this video gives you slime ideas on things to do in Kansas! This is one of our favorite videos that we have EVER shot! {}   

#1  When I first typed  Kansas on youtube a musical group kept on popping up. Never heard of ‘Kansas the band’. Then there were sports and more sports. I really was ready to stop my search, but I am so glad I didn’t do it. This video started with  a short and sweet information about who they were and what the video was going to be about. They talked about a statue called ‘The Keeper of  the Plains,’ and saying it’s a COOL  statue doesn’t say it is strong enough. (at least for me)

I agree with Kristen, when she said she never saw anything like the rocks in  Mushroom Rocks State Park ,’ but those were some interesting rocks. And, the tree that grew on top of a big rock?

They did show some of the driving to and from places, I would have liked to have seen a little more, but some was better than none. They did say it was a lot of dirt roads.

** If I ever decided to go visit this state. I know I wouldn’t want to go in the summertime, because it may be  too hot.  So maybe around April or early May. I was about to go search out another video, but it is after 10am and I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I am done for now.

I like that statue so much I thought I would get a little more info on it…

{} Sculpture by Blackbear Bosin

 Description   The Keeper of the Plains is a 13.4 metres Cor-Ten steel sculpture by Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin. It stands at the confluence of  the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers in Wichita, Kansas adjacent to the Mid-America All-Indian Center.  Wikipedia {}

Olio in Iowa

Find Inspiration When You Explore Public Art in Wichita, Kansas Images may be subject to copyright.


A Kansas Road Trip Idea, Nine Stops Worth Your Time  Jan 7, 2021 

Road Trip Daydreams  This video is on a Kansas Road Trip Idea nine stops worth your time.  This trip travels East and has travelers stop in Kansas City, Fort Leavenworth, Western, Topeka, Wamego, Nicodemus, Castle Rock, and Fort Wallace. This road trip can be done in three or four days. {} 

** I was still curious about the state of Kansas when I looked at one more video, but now I am going to fix my coffee and watch ‘One Piece.’  I haven’t given up looking for a new anime, but until then……

What can I say, “I am crazy about one Roronoa Zoro – The Pirate Hunter.”

{} du=3000&sqp=CNL4rokG&rs=AOn4CLAq7ZSc10T3yHsqrW7Oj6ntOwDxGg  Leawood, Kansas Town Center and Park Pace Shopping Drive April 21, 2021 Cadillac National{}

#3  It might be a girl thing, but can you tell why I clicked onto this video? One little word – ‘Shopping.’  I really haven’t been  able to shop like I would like to and I no longer like window shopping, because I feel sad when I can’t buy anything. It is different when you are online and looking at places one can’t actually shop there. 

I saw a few retail stores and a restaurant that are in my area as well as new stores. I was amazed that the first shopping center was so big. One could get lost there, but what a cool place to get lost in. 

The neighborhood in between shopping centers had nice looking buildings and the different areas one could walk, was nice as well. This video didn’t have any music in it, but that was cool. I was able to continue to listen to my gospel music as I worked on a granny square watching the shops I wish I could go in…

{}  Taps Across America 2021 – Emma S- Leawood, KS, Usa May 31, 2021

Taps For Veterans Events Taps Across America {}

# 4  I know this video is only about 30 seconds, but this young lady was brave enough to play a song for something she believes in. I wish I could press LIKE a 100 times, but it only allowed me to do it once. 

** I am going to stop and fix myself a cup of tea and read a Jude Deveraux book called, “The Maiden,” and come back to Kansas once again……

(Wed Sep 1st) The book I was so into, “The Maiden,” was a book I had read before. I just wished I remembered I didn’t care for the ending. I  haven’t been to the library in a minute, but I may have too. Anyway it is 8 o’clock time for 1 more video before I call it a night.

** I also wished I hadn’t drunk that hot tea knowing it will make me sleepy. One of these days I am going to figure out why I get more tired after drinking a cup of hot tea. Oh it was ginger & strawberry….


KANSAS STATE CAPITOL VISITOR CENTER State Capitol in Kansas, USA 2021//Wandering in Topeka City Feb 5, 2021

 Khristine MyxWorld   Visiting one of the historical places in Topeka Kansas the State Capital. This state is a museum inside, but due to the pandemic we’re not able to go inside since it was closed when we went there.{}

#5  It took me 18 minutes to find this video. I could have done without the music. The ride to the capital was okay, I liked it best when the camera showed what wasn’t on the road. There were some cool trees in front of the Capitol Building. 

***Side Note – I was thinking about looking for another video, but my eyes are so ready to close. The price one pays when one has to get up early to go to work, but I am going  to sleep early….

I am done trying to find a video on interesting things to do in Kansa, so I decided to ask google a question: What is there to do in Kansas in 2021?

  1. city#:~:text=Taking%20place%20virtually%20in%202021.%20Head%20to%20Kansas,live%20demonstrations%2C%20music%2C%20vintage%20cars%2C      –     Taking place virtually in 2021. Head to Kansas Speedway for fast-paced NASCAR action  — plus, with two weekends each year, fans get a double dose of high-octane fun. Held in Excelsior Springs, this event explores the culture, glamor and history of the Roaring ‘20s with street artists, live demonstrations, music, vintage cars, fashion and more. 
  2.  > blog > things-to-do-with-kids 
  • Great Wolf Lodge. Check in at Great Wolf Lodge and water park, where kids can explore and adults can kick back. Offering so much more family fun than a regular hotel could ever provide, our Kansas City location boasts 8 water slides, plenty of kids activities, free wifi, a fitness center for adults, and so more. LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE. These big-name attractions  are a big deal, and if you’ve never been, you should go! Located  next to each other, the  LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers a factory tour, rides, building opportunities, and opportunities, and a 4D theater with lego movies.

It’s time to end my stay in Kansas. I found some interesting places to see and some videos fun to watch. Time to get to reorganizing my room…. One doesn’t have to buy something new to always make a place look new. It’s funny just by changing the furniture can get a totally new look….

Bye IV Now, LD*

**** One day I am going to figure out how to get what I type in google doc to look the same on wordpress, but until then I hope my heart comes through anyway. I really need some coffee and get back into reality… May everyone have a safe and fun weekend….

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